Tomb of Annihilation Announced as Neverwinter’s Next Module

As part of the highly anticipated D&D “Stream of Annihilation” Thomas Foss announced yesterday that Neverwinter’s next module is called “Tomb of Annihilation” and will be released on July 25th. The lead designer didn’t reveal that much during the 15-minute interview, but a few tidbits were enough to drive the hype! Chult, Volo, dinosaurs? Here’s your summary of what’s known so far!

The jungles of Chult

Looks like we and others accurately predicted the setting of the new storyline. It takes players to Chult, a jungle island in the southern part of the Trackless Sea. A lich named Acererak hides there and harvests souls throughout Faerûn. As side effect of this effort all sorts of resurrection spells suddenly stop working (Makos?). The players are going to start an expedition into the new lands with the famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm to investigate and defeat the lich.

The jungle-themed expansion will come with a completely new adventure zone “Soshenstar River” and social hub, Port Nyranzaru. It is the Protector’s Enclave of Chult and will probably become the player’s starting point for the campaign and any quest activities. Pretty much what Kaer-Konig and Mantol-Derith were to their respective modules. Foss however mentioned that the full range of vendors know from the Enclave will be present.

Hunting and a T-Rex

We’ve already mentioned that the theme allows for all kinds of cool Mounts and Companions. And yes, you are going to be able to ride dinosaurs, although those will be monetized through lockboxes. Generally the jungle environment and ancient tombs make for an enticing new setting with neat possibilities.

A new gameplay mechanic Foss mentioned was “Hunting”. It’s not clear how this is going to work, but apparently players can work their way through different tiers of exotic monsters up to a T-Rex called “The King of Spines”. We’re not sure though whether this is an independent mini-game or part of the progression. Or both, like Fishing was in Sea of Moving Ice. Meanwhile Treasure Maps are going to return and you might be able to use boats on the adventure map’s river.

The devs also seem to continue a more randomized daily progression like in the River District. It could very well be that tombs on the map could function like the Digging Sites and offer some variety (environment, critters) in otherwise repeatable quests.

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Tomb of the Nine Gods

The new endgame group content is called the “Tomb of the Nine Gods”. Foss first referred to it as dungeon, but later also called it trial. So we have to wait and see what it actually turns out to be. As homage to the original “Tombs of Horrors” the devs put a focus on puzzles, which players have to solve collectively. This is actually something we’ve mentioned on Thursday and could really be an interesting new approach to group content. The dungeon probably will have to be unlocked through the campaign like Svardborg.

Foss said multiple times during the stream that the new content will be hard. “Hard” related to current stuff though might still be casual for endgame toons. It should at least be fully expected that players will be able to get through the new campaign solo. In any case, we should be able to find out soon enough. With a release in July the new module should hit preview at some point this month.

What’s your take on the new expansion? Are you excited or expect more of the same old grind? Share your thoughts in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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5 thoughts on “Tomb of Annihilation Announced as Neverwinter’s Next Module

  • June 3, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Lord Neverember actually mentions during the Cloaked Ascendancy storyline that they already tried to have Makos resurrected but he simply didn’t want to come back.

    • June 3, 2017 at 11:09 am

      We thought this was the interpretation of Neverember, because they couldn’t make sense of the situation. But yeah, it’s not likely that these two things are indeed connected.

      • June 5, 2017 at 3:55 am

        I’m hoping it is connected. A lot of campaigns seem to reference to older ones so it is totally possible that Makos inability to return is because of the lich. An epic fight to retrieve Makos soul from the hands of a lich might be a nice climax for the new campaign. Although to ressurect him now will cost a lot more because it went from a raise dead to a true resurrection.

  • June 7, 2017 at 8:52 am

    it seems that ALL of the ” you can do it yourself” rhetoric is just that, most of the “end game” content isn’t a do it yourself type dungeon or battle, yes it i possible when you are already a 3600 + il, or go with a group. Thus the idea of guilds starting roughly at lvl 70.
    when you are an up and coming toon or first time player knowing no one, your chances are not good, not at all. Most of those who could help, the 3200-4000 toons already have been there, already have their weapons and armor and have no time for us little people, ( under 3000 ) i
    I have watched, listened, and learned for a year now, this seems to be the sad but true case.We even started a guild where no one is excluded,and still with alliances involved the same things occur, the cliches appear, there seems to be no end and no help for those who truly need help. i love the game, this however almost wants to take me back to dragon age. What a shame. Charles p plancon

  • June 15, 2017 at 6:19 am

    Hm. How does item level refer to “Most of those who could help, the 3200-4000 toons already have been there, already have their weapons and armor and have no time for us little people, (under 3000 )”

    Erm, you can just stand around in heroic encounters and still get the rewards. It’s not about iLvl, it’s about when you start a campaign. If you didn’t play when it started, tough luck, goto the current campaign.

    As for “first time player knowing no one” maybe the previous mod is not where to start at all.

    It’s even unlikely you would start there to progress. After grinding to lvl 70, goto the current campaign, right now River District, and settle for the slightly less powerful weapons. They are very easy to come by. Again, just do what you can in heroics and do your quests. If you have any problems and have no friends playing, guild up. It’s what you do in MMO’s.

    If you can’t run quests properly with simple weapons, participate in a few of the hundred daily Edemo runs and get Twisted. If you can’t get in to these runs, find a guild and ask ppl to carry you, it happens all the time and nobody minds.

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