Top-Tier Xbox Guild LGPG Shares Typical Struggles With Customer Support

Leader Indy of the top-tier Xbox guild “Look Good Play Good” made a posting on the PWE subreddit that’s interesting for two reasons. The latest ban wave that you can now even sing about apparently saw six members of the guild being initially banned and four of them getting released within the next days. So after looking into accounts, PWE decided that 66% of their bans hit innocents. This by all means is not representative, but we have been challenging the ban first & sort out the details later mentality more than once in the past. 66% failrate is just wow!

[su_quote cite=”StrumSlinger” url=””]I’m saying just that: banning innocent players is worse than letting a guilty player go.[/su_quote]

Looks like it didn’t pan out quite that way, right? However, StrumSlinger is not to blame as he doesn’t ban, but also has to deal with the aftermath of the faulty algorithm.

The second part of the posting details another member’s struggles with the Customer Support. Apparently user Doomsayer had not gotten a response within a reasonable timeframe after explaining the source of his allegedly dubious AD income to PWE and therefore filed a ticket to BBB. The Customer Support finally responded, but switched to another reason for the ban (botting, exploiting).

This could be legit. It’s perfectly possible resolving the ticket just needed time and looking into the account they might have found something else that warrants a ban. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Unspecified botting and exploiting seems to be their get-you-into-jail-free card that they play whenever they don’t have anything else to bring to the table. It’s not the first time we read or hear from players that after they successfully provided an explanation for whatever reason they had been banned for, the support switched to “botting and exploiting”. File closed with little to no chance to get your account back in that case. This especially seems to happen to f2p players or those that have not put major money into the game. In this case, it could also be a slap for officially filing a complaint to BBB, where Perfect World holds an A+ rating.

This might be more of a conspiracy, but it’s certainly something to monitor and we’d love to hear if you or someone you know have experienced this as well.


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3 thoughts on “Top-Tier Xbox Guild LGPG Shares Typical Struggles With Customer Support

  • February 17, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    LGPG !!

    • February 18, 2016 at 1:16 am

      Ooops. Thanks, corrected!

  • February 18, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    On one hand, LGPG has a… colourful reputation. On the other hand I think the fact that 4 of 6 of the bans were reversed is pretty telling. I don’t usually think that we should suspect “conspiracy,” though, when incompetence seems much more likely, but in this case if the accounts I’ve heard are accurate the players’ bannings were directly linked to them trafficking high value items without making large RM-Zen purchases. It all comes across as very shady on PW/Cryptic’s part, and their refusal to answer or explain at all – and changing the ban reason – makes it all the worse.

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