Trickster Rogue: The Emperor’s New Clothes

In this final post of my Trickster Rogue PVE Guide we will go through gear, step for step. It is basically the same for all of the discussed builds.

Weapons: Twisted Weapon Set

Nothing much to say about it. In my opinion it has the best set bonus with almost 4,000 additional Power, which translates into a 10% damage bonus. But you will probably change this for the new weapon set that’s coming with “Sea of Moving Ice” anyway.

Armor: Whatever feels right

I personally use my armor as a filler. For example, if I lack Armor Penetration due to a certain build, I use a set with more of it. Also you are absolutely fine with a Dusk set. Maybe I lose a bit of overall power because I don’t use the set with the maximum stats and item level, but in terms of balancing your stats the armor pieces are that much easier to switch compared to Enchantments or Artifacts.

Artifact Set: Demon Lord’s Immortality

Best set for an Trickster Rogue, but you can also go with Lostmauth. The reason why the Demon Lord set is better is that you gain up to 20% damage bonus. Lostmauth however has a fixed amount of damage dealt to your targets and doesn’t scale with your damage. At lower gear levels Lostmauth can very well contribute 10-15% to your damage, but the deeper you get into gear progression the weaker Lostmauth becomes.

I am currently at 3,300 ilvl with about 50,000 Power and 72-77% critical chance. In Dungeon Runs with a cleric the Lostmauth set deals less than 1% of my damage. At this point it can no longer compete with Demon Lord, which additionally provides us with Deflection and Movement. Movement isn’t that great but it helps to keep up with your group, but Deflection is, besides Hit Points, the key protection stat for an TR. We can stack a lot of Deflection and have a 75% Severity.

Rings: Power!

I am playing an Executioner and because we can have two multipliers to enhance our Power rating (from 50K to 200K), I feel Power is more useful for our class to stack at a certain point than Critical Strike. Especially since we can get to 50%+ Crit very easily and control when we want to crit with our Stealth anyway.

Shirt & Pants: Not much to say

As long as you have an epic Shirt and Pants you should be fine. The stat increase of the Gemmed Elemental Shirt and Pants is nice but not that big of a deal. Other epic Shirt and Pants come up for it with nice set bonuses.

Artifacts: MORE POWER!

Sigil of the DevotedOrcus Shard takes up one space for our set but also offers 1,000 Power. Sigil of the Devoted grants us Power and Defense. Defense is pretty much useless but we want the Power and also the ability to get 100% AP within 15 seconds. That means we have more control when we want to activate our daily. I can’t tell whether it is still as useful with the Legendary Snail, which grants us 25% action points within 10 seconds after a daily power. I sadly don’t own it (the Snail is so cool and groovy).

Sigil of the Great Weapon is another good one with Power, ArPen and some HP. Sigil of the Controller is my last choice. Power and Critical Strike is exactly what we want.

Companions: My best friend

As your primary companion I would recommend the Fire Archon or a similar companion. You also can go for an Yeti as a tank but melee companions suffer from the problem that they sometimes stop attacking if a target is surrounded by too many players. A similar behavior btw. can be experiences with big mobs, which also do not attack all at once when grouped.

The epic Fire Archon also grants you +7% damage bonus as soon as a target is below 50% health. You can add an Air Archon for another 5% damage bonus as soon a target is damaged. Both Archons additionally amplifie their effects a bit.

Erinyes of Belial grants us 5% to 10% Critical Severity which is nice. There is a male counterpart called the Cambion Magus, but it’s very hard to get and very expensive. If want to go full Critical Severity don’t forget the Dancing Blade, which adds another 5%.

Another good source of damage is the Death Slaad. It stacks a very potent damage over time effect that can grant us 5-10% more damage. The Death Slaad has green quality and I would recommend to only upgrade him to blue because at epic the stacks can explode and have to be applied again.

Mounts: Riding into the sunset

Insignia wise you want the Gladiator Guile which grants you 15% Movement speed if your Stamina is above 75% and regenerates Stamina faster if you have less than 75% Stamina. Another very handy Insignia Bonus is Wanderers Fortune which adds always needed refining points. Protector Camaraderie increases our Power and Defense up to 12% from companion attacks. Dots from the companion let this activate easier, that’s why the Fire Archon is so popular right now. Magistrate’s Patience deals a bit additional damage. It is not much, but who says no to more DPS?

In case you own a legendary mount, you can think about Cavalry’s Warning, which increases our stats by 10% if we activate an Mount power. If you don’t own one, use some other Insignia Bonus that fits your build and playstyle.

Besides the Insignia Bonus you can get a Passive one as well. I personally would go with Power yet again for the reasons I already outlined above. The Combat Power is hard to judge for me. I doesn’t have a legendary Mount and considering the cooldown of the power it is not that significant anyway. But if I had to choose I would probably go with Tenser’s Floating Disk because because it buffs our character all-around. The bonus scales well with our progression and potentially deals more damage than some flat damage Combat Powers of other Mounts.

This concludes my series about the PVE Trickster Rogue. Have fun playing yours and in case you have any questions or remarks, write a comment below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!


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7 thoughts on “Trickster Rogue: The Emperor’s New Clothes

  • October 10, 2016 at 8:32 am

    Which heve better active bonus: Death slaad or Stalwart Golden Lion ?

    • October 10, 2016 at 9:16 pm

      Definetly death slaad. The Stalwart Golden Lion Bonus is only applied once (one stack) because it has an internal cooldown of 15 seconds and only a duration of 12 seconds.
      It can stack 8 times but that means you need 7 other player with also an Stalwart Lione and even one Stack of Light weapon only contribute about 1% or even less damage increase because it needed to be cast first.
      The Death Slaad granted me on my ACT-Test between 12-15%

  • October 11, 2016 at 4:20 am

    can I get this in great weapon fighter please?(:

  • October 11, 2016 at 4:22 am

    Also I play on Xbox one so if u can provide some insight that’d b great

    • October 11, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      What do you mean?

  • October 13, 2016 at 4:41 am

    Great Guide! Thank you very much!

  • November 15, 2016 at 5:42 am

    Impossible to Catch: This power now triggers effects that activate on Encounter power use.

    Are there any changes with the new patch? Cause you cant activate ITC while doing DF or other powers 🙁 that changes the rotation a bit.

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