Trion Worlds Hit with Pay-To-Win Shitstorm, Pulls Packs from Rift Store (Updated)

Looks like EA gets some company as the pay-2-win protest hits the next publisher. Trion Worlds felt the wrath of angry customers last week after releasing a controversial pack that enables players to buy top-tier raid gear for real money in Rift. Players organized themselves on multiple platforms to lead the charge against the publisher, and eventually got what they wanted. On Saturday the community team informed everyone that the packs in question are being pulled until all the feedback is being reviewed.

This is one more indication that the situation created by EA’s Battlefield II overreach is not temporary. Players of other games seem to be more and more willing to fight unfair monetization and make a larger audience aware of issues. This topic is not going away soon. If it’s any indication, MassivelyOPs post about the packs features the most comments of all recent news on the site.

The best way to catch up with what has happened is this Reddit thread.. Oh and as if that wasn’t already enough, Trion World released another cash grab yesterday only to cause another outcry and pull that pack from the store as well! You can’t make that stuff up…

*** UPDATE ***

Trion Worlds’ CEO Scott Hartsman has posted a statement on the second pulled pack on reddit.

[su_quote]Orphiel’s Mount Crate, an item created for RIFT, was an attempt to do something new and create a tradeable box that guaranteed a rare cosmetic mount, but we badly misread how people would take it and that’s completely on us.

We removed the crate from the store late this morning, and are discussing how to handle similar content in the future. The RIFT team and Trion Worlds as a whole are always trying to do right by our players, but we don’t always get it right. This was one of those times.[/su_quote]

Read the full comment here.

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2 thoughts on “Trion Worlds Hit with Pay-To-Win Shitstorm, Pulls Packs from Rift Store (Updated)

  • December 14, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Good enough for the buggers. It’s about time these Mega-transactions were ended. They are in no way “micro”.

    Even a new friend in NW who said to me a while back that he didn’t mind paying cash for Pres Wards, as they were like a nickle or a dime each, so he thought a one-time dropping of $10 was more than reasonable (I’m British, with pounds and pennies, so I forget what he actually said) has changed his mind.

    I said:
    “Hah! Wait until you see how many you need for 4 artifacts, neck, belt, main, off-hand, 3 Rank 12 Runes, 6 R12 enchants for your companion gear, 18 R12 Enchants on your gear and a Trans Wep and Armour Enchant!”

    He recently told me he’d worked it out, and he’d spent a good few hundred on Zen in a just a few months, mostly for Pres and Coal Wards. He said at least 5x more than he thought he’d spent. Addiction? LOL! Sounds like me in Mod 2!

    “Free to Play” is a scam model designed to suck people in to paying, and relies on impatience and impulse buy for all the new shinies.

    As a F2P game, NW is a REALLY great game. The journey from level 1 to 60 back in the day was the most fun ever. When those dungeons and achievements were still there.

    You CAN play completely free, do the main quest, get all the achievements, collect all the drops, complete certain collections etc. But you will never be running Epic ToNG anytime soon.

    Even if you trade all AD for Zen, and max 36k AD per day, that is a max of 72 Zen per day per character. Many things do not drop except from lockboxes, and none of the lockbox drops are account-bound, so are not “freely” available.

    So paying cash for Zen is a way to “cheat”. But instead of a cheat code, it gives access to faster mounts with decent bonuses, broken companions considered “essential” for dps by the meta-Theory Crafters, essential tools for upgrading gear etc. Whereas a $15 per month subscription fee (with discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months purchased at one time) and NO cash Transactions for in-game currencies or items, so they have a known income stream, would probably allow better QC, testing and bug fixing. And no accusations of P2W.

    I really think that no one with only two characters who started after Mod 6 and the Leadership, Gateway and Invoking changes could EVER get one of them to 16k by pure grind and no cash by the start of Mod 12b.

    If anyone has any figures to prove me wrong, please show me. I would love to see them.


  • December 15, 2017 at 7:04 am

    I am not *completely* F2P, I put about $30 or $40 into the game on this current set of characters right now, which I started at around Mod 9. I have a 15k GWF and a 15k DC. The DC can run TONG, the GWF is probably able to but no one wants to take him because he’s not 16k. 🙁

    I think the real key is to be prepared and to understand the order of events and when devs are likely to do something that can yield a profit for you. For example, with the Wonders of Gond event, IF you had the crafting resources available, you could make a fair amount of ADs making and selling doohickeys. I easily made 1 million AD’s just from that event alone last time it ran. So in anticipation of the next event, I am currently doing a bunch of mass gathering tasks on all my alts so that I have a buttload of resources available. That sort of thing.

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