Unblogged’s Top Articles in 2016

As 2016 comes to a close toplists become more and more of a thing. So it’s only fair to publish our own one with the most clicked Unblogged articles of 2016. Let’s roll!


10. Neverwinter Lockbox Ranking

The list starts with an odd entry, because this article is from 2015, yet clicked very well. Hitting up google we realized that being listed on the first page when searching for “neverwinter lockbox” might have something to do with it. A good reminder that we need to write a new version so people aren’t directed to outdated content.


9. New Life Lockbox Preview

Speaking of lockboxes, the preview of the New Life comes in at 9. Too bad we can’t do these type of previews any longer, because the necessary data went down with the Gateway…


8. Guardian Fighter Back to Earth With Module 10 Changes

Our summary of the Module 10 Guardian Fighter changes drew a lot of disagreement. Maybe that’s why it was shared and clicked so much?


7. Sea of Moving Ice Fishing Guide

There are multiple ways to realize Fishing is a pretty focal point of Sea of Moving Ice, but our guide claiming rank 7 in less than two months of uptime is sure one of them.


6. A Look at Companion Options With the New Bonding Mechanic

With tremendous help from our community this developed into quite an extensive list of Bonding companions. In hindsight still some notable absentees like the Fire Archon and Dancing Shield, otherwise the current “meta” is pretty well represented.


5. Indyre’s How To Refine Mythic Artifacts

Glad there’s a console relevant posting in here, because we still have too few of those. Indy is the well known leader of the power-gaming Look Good Play Good guilds on Xbox and PS4. This article featured his breakdown of how to create one Mythic Artifact.


4. Mod 9: The Guide to Awesome Stuff

Kolat takes this toplist by storm and submits his first entry at four! Flavored by unique style and humor, the preview of the Module 9 changes is still a good read today.


3. Module 9 To Feature Revamped Castle Never, Mounts And Queue System

Module 9 featured an Alpha and of course we had first-hand information. Thanks to all the dudes we cannot name that send in pictures and provide information. You’re amazing and a core part of this site. This third place is dedicated to you!


2. Module 9 Gear And Mount System

Datamining always draws tons of interest and the mount update was the biggest gameplay related one of 2016. So it makes sense an article that combines the two topics lands on second.


1. Mod 10: Scourge Warlock Guide

Nothing even remotely comes close to the Scourge Warlock Guide by Daigotsu and Fernuu Stormborn! With more than twice as many hits as our 2nd place and at least three times as much as anything outside the top three, the article has melted the competition. As first extensive guide that was released only three days into the expansion, the article has drawn continued interest throughout the year and rightfully so. Congrats to the authors that deservingly take the Unblogged crown in 2016! Or as Kolat would say:

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    Thanks for all your efforts with the site this year. Always a pleasure to read and very helpful, I share a lot of stuff from here on our guilds FB group and it really helps with spreading information around.

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