Utilizing the new Masterwork Temporary Structures

The temporary structures that got introduced in Shroud of Souls fundamentally changed how Masterwork progression works and present more ways to turn Guild Marks into Astral Diamonds. In this article I’d like to go through the affected areas and tell you guys how to utilize those structures.

Masterwork Progression

The progression of Masterwork has been a pain. The reason is that most players operate at a 20% success rate while trying to level up through multiple tiers of recipes. Not only do you risk going crazy, it’s also still unreasonable expensive. Here’s the insanity for Jewelcrafting for example: To get one Set of Newly “Minted” Coins, you need a whopping amount of 1,266 Gold Ores, or slightly less than 3,000,000 AD on the PC market at the time of this write-up. And then you also still need stuff from Alchemy Masterworks.

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Bypass the Randomness

With the new temporary structures, you are able to completely bypass the randomness by investing Guild Marks. Let’s stay with the example of Jewelcrafting for now. Running the task to create Gold Nuggets at 20% means you’ll get one out of six Gold Ores on average. But you can also buy one Gold Nuggets from the Goldsmith for two Gold Ores and 200 Guild Marks. It’s a great bargain for those leveling up.

This however doesn’t work all the way unfortunately. All temporary building only offer this exchange for tier 1 and tier 2 resources. In the case of Jewelcrafting that’s Gold Ingot. So you still need to run the last two tasks at a 20% success rate, but overall your Gold Ore investment to complete the Masterwork drops from the mentioned 1,266 to 150. I know right?

Unlock All Tier 1 Recipes

What I would do if I really was thinking about getting into Masterwork is unlocking all tier 1 recipes, which you need to access the Masterwork Resources from the temporary structures. And then I would exclusively level through them. Of course this is easier said then done. The temporary structures are a guild wide, even alliance wide, effort. They are not cheap, at least not cheap to maintain permanently and of course you still need to farm the required Guild Marks. To buy all Gold Ingots for Jewelcrafting you are going to need 25,000. While I don’t think it’s unreasonable, it still requires come coordination to acquire the Guild Marks and then have the temporary structures available when needed.

Lost City of Omu

The Masterwork update in Neverwinter’s Module 13 extended the system of using the temporary vendors as a catch-up mechanic. It made tier III resources available that help in progressing towards Masterwork IV and V recipes. In the same way as stated above you can save tons of resources by investing Guild Marks, and in almost every case using the temporary structures is more beneficial than using the crafting tasks.

Making money

Even outside Masterwork progression everyone in a guild can profit from temporary structures. Some of the new blue resources are available to everyone and sell for a nice amount of AD on the Auction House. Also make sure to look into the Mysterious Merchant furniture, which sell for ludicrous amounts sometimes.

Even the basic materials can be a decent money maker. The prices and market depth of these materials however differ drastically, so you need to look what actually sells and nets the most profit. Good thing we have a currency converter that helps you with that. Make sure you’re logged on the forum and have unlocked Auction House data through our Gold program. You are then able to pick Astral Diamonds per Guild Marks and the item that nets the most profit per Guild Mark will show up on top of the list.

Masterwork Vendor Profits

Those that do have vendors unlocked potentially look at great profit margins as well. In some cases just buying the raw materials and exchanging them at the vendors for higher quality resources yields profit, even considering the value of the Guild Marks that you have to spend in the process. It’s hard to give clear advise here however as too much depends on the current market on our platform.

Always Check Explorer’s Charts

For the same reason you always have to check on Explorer’s Charts. Those often are the best way to spend your Guild Marks in case you’re solely looking for ADs. So don’t just throw your GMs at the temporary vendors even if it looks profitable. Chances are that Explorer’s Charts are an even better investment. I know weighing options can be annoying, but the Masterwork and Guild Mark market unfortunately is all about knowledge and spreadsheets. So if you want max profit, you will have to set up some calculations.

Double Guild Marks

The Double Guild Mark event just gets that much more important in conjunction with temporary structures. Guilds and alliances obviously want to have as much structures up as possible during a double weekend so their members can turn their GMs into profit immediately. I think it’s a nice fact that well organized guilds and alliances will have a decent market advantage by planning accordingly.

I hope you enjoyed my little guide for the new temporary buildings. Any additions, found errors in the math? Post a comment below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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