Welcome to Radiant: Offline Battle Arena!

Greetings all!

Today I bring to you something a wee bit different than your normal Neverwinter fare, and it’s something that I’ve been working on for a few years now. Aside from my normal job of being one of the most entertaining Scourge Warlock’s in Neverwinter’s history, I’ve been moonlighting as the Brand Manager for a new card game that is live on Kickstarter now! You can see HERE.

Now, without further ado allow me to introduce to you: Radiant: Offline Battle Arena (ROBA)…

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Welcome to the Arena!

Radiant: Offline Battle Arena (ROBA) is a two-player, head-to-head card game that brings the exciting action and strategic challenge of Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena video games to the tabletop!

Featuring accessible deckbuilding and a dynamic draft format, ROBA is a fast-paced, fun game suitable for all experience levels.

How to Play

Players select a team of three Heroes and shuffle each of those Heroes’ unique skill cards together to create a deck. Players must then use their Heroes and their skills to outwit and outfight their opponent in a battle for supremacy!

The ROBA homepage is HERE.

You can also play the game and see the rules, for FREE with our Open BETA printable PDF or via tabletop simulator on steam! Those options are available HERE.


  • Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: ROBA has been carefully designed to be easy for anyone to learn and offer lasting depth and replay value that will satisfy everyone from brand new players to the most challenge hungry veterans.
  • Dynamic Play, Deep Strategy: ROBA is a fast-paced game of constant action, right from the very first turn! Player choices sit at the heart of ROBA’s gameplay, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat. Your fate is in your hands!
  • Quick Construction, Many Combinations: Create a new deck every time you play! ROBA’s quick and simple deckbuilding lets you explore and experiment with over 400 possible teams in the core set alone! For experienced players, our MOBA inspired draft format makes every game a new challenge.
  • Colorful Characters, Beautiful Artwork: ROBA’s cast of Heroes are brought to life by the work of a talented and diverse team of artists from all over the world in over 85 original illustrations.

Radiant: Offline Battle Arena is live on Kickstarter now!

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