Will the Mod 12b Carpet of Flying Mount Introduce a Passenger Feature?

The latest preview patch added one integral part of the upcoming 12b lockbox to the collection that was still missing: The epic and legendary Carpet of Flying mounts! Don’t worry by the way, we’ll be previewing the “Lockbox of the Lost” soon enough, but want to focus on some interesting wording on the mounts first.

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credit to frozenfire for these pics!

Of Flying?

Based on its name some people jumped to the conclusion that the carpet will indeed be a “flying” mount. To be honest: That’s highly unlikely. All comments we’ve heard from the devs so far about flying was that it’s not going to happen. Although it would be majorly cool, it probably would require a full rework of all maps and possibly even tweaks to the engine. If anything like that will be implemented, then most likely only on limited maps. Kinda like the water travel in Sea of Moving Ice and Soshenstar River. Not sure how such a “flying map” could look like. Spinward Rise?

Anyway, don’t get your hopes up! The “Carpet of Flying” is a D&D magic item and Neverwinter has probably just adopted it.

And a Passenger Too?

The second find might be a bit more promising. The tooltip of the legendary carpet states that it “carries you where you may want to go, and a passenger too“. On top of that, the context menu for players included a “dismount” option on preview. So are we actually going to be able to take another players for a ride?

Devs said the context menu was a bug, but remained silent to what extent exactly. It could very well be that the dismount options is only supposed to show when it actually can be used for example. Of course it could also be that there is no such feature yet or that it’s still in an early experimental state and slipped to preview. It wouldn’t be the first time that something made it into a build unintentionally.

Overall however it seems that a passenger feature is more likely than actual flying mounts.

What’s your opinion on flying mounts or being able to take another player for a ride? Would you like these features? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Will the Mod 12b Carpet of Flying Mount Introduce a Passenger Feature?

  • October 3, 2017 at 2:12 am

    This was mentioned in passing by one of the designers as something they would like … didn’t think we would actually get it. I WANT ONE!! I don’t care if it really flies or just looks like the Whirlwind mount, I want one – the passenger feature would be, an extremely awesome, bonus.

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