Xbox Hit With Summer Festival Legendary Raffle Scam

It looks like some players on Xbox outsmarted the system and managed to bring the raffle boxes that you can buy from Mithral tickets to the Auction House. Multiple reports on Twitter, the PWE message platforms and our own forum confirm that several Legendary Raffle Packs were listed on the Auction House for prices north of 6,000,000 AD yesterday. There might be poor souls that did not realize that they are actually only buying a chance for a legendary and wasted a bunch of ADs.

Normally these packs do open automatically in the player’s inventory when bought and our suspicion is that the scammers are working the overflow bag to prevent that. This is a non issue on PC currently by the way. Beckylunatic pointed out that “any illicit item on PC’s AH can be pretty much instantly toggled off from view“, an option that is apparently not available on the Xbox.

This could have been prevented by a smarter design of the boxes. You could bind them to characters or accounts or deactivate the auto-open function. The combination of legendary rarity and an item that they haven’t seen before in the event might bait players into buying the scam.

So be aware if you see the shiny orange color and read tooltips!


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2 thoughts on “Xbox Hit With Summer Festival Legendary Raffle Scam

  • July 20, 2016 at 7:27 am

    Hence they need to bring the Xbox version in line with PC. Do you know that PS4 version have the tradebar store accessible directly from the menu without the need to visit Protector’s Enclave at all? Why can’t we Xbox players get that?

    • July 20, 2016 at 8:06 am

      PC players can also remote-access the tradebar store (and Vault of Piety and Wondrous Bazaar) directly from the currency inventory, by clicking a button next to said currency. But mouseclicks make it possible to turn nearly any UI element into a button. If they’ve designed easy controller menu access for those things to PS4, then perhaps they can implement the same for XBox.

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