Black Friday Charge Bonus Rewards Another Promo That Went Wrong

As expected Cryptic and PWE didn’t leave it at just a flurry of Double Events over Thanksgiving holiday, but added ZEN sales, charge promos and a ZEN store discount on top of it. What looked to be the most massive sale ever quickly turned into a disappointment for some though.


The Black Friday Charge Bonus Rewards weren’t delivered as promised. The original news post stated that players would not only receive the item of that tier, but also all items below that. Players quickly went to the forum to report that this wasn’t the case however.

[su_quote cite=”eion311″ url=”″]I purchased $20 which gave me 2400rp, I claimed the Warlock companion and now my balance is at 400rp but the title costs 1000rp.[/su_quote]

First new Community Manager Julia quickly chipped in that they will be looking into this after the weekend. Andy later added that it was indeed a misworded blog post due to bad communication on their end. The promotion wasn’t actually set up to grant all lower tier rewards.

[su_quote cite=”strumslinger” url=”″]It seems there was a huge misunderstanding over here about the way this particular charge reward functioned. We edited it out, but we’re discussing what needs to be done for people who charged Zen under the impression get you all items below. I’ll have a better response once we’re back from the holidays.[/su_quote]

Death Slaad Reloaded?

Unfortunately this is not the first time a promotion has caused major pain for the players. The most popular, but not the only, fuck-up was the Death Slaad Bonus Companion Reward Promotion. It promised account-unlocked pets when charging ZEN, but only delivered one-time claimable versions. It took a massive uproar from the community to even get the devs to honor the original promotion and another few months to fix the issue.

The news post has since been corrected so new purchases aren’t made under a false promise. If you were wondering why one of Julia’s major tasks as new Community Manager is to improve internal communication, there you go. This is nothing new to Cryptic and PWE. Andy’s comments are encouraging, but we have to wait and see how this one is handled.

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday Charge Bonus Rewards Another Promo That Went Wrong

  • November 26, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Until when they’re going with the ‘bad communication’ excuse? Been there in coalgate, also recently in keygate. Wtf?

  • November 28, 2016 at 1:51 am

    More of the same bait and switch tactics. They got a lot of money from people expecting one thing and they can not deliver with a simple ‘oops, our bad’ blog entry? This shit should be illegal!

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