Chaotic Maintenance Streams Leads to Smooth Swords of Chult Release

Swords of Chult has finally arrived on PC and since yesterday adventurer’s can enjoy the new refining system, PVP upgrade and much more. In case you missed it, we have all the information you are going to need in the mid-module update right here! The four hour long maintenance was accompanied by a stream, the first one of Community Manager Julia without StrumSlinger. Not everything went well and afterwards she probably was her own worst critic.

It wasn’t too bad though. Besides a few technical difficulties to start the stream, the whole thing had the usual DIY feel to it. Many might complain about the lack of professionalism, but we should know by now what to expect from these type of streams. Random people talking random stuff, and not many substantial news.

No Spoilers…

That’s why it’s really not necessary to summarize the stream. Thomas Foss said he doesn’t want to give spoilers for M13 because we just received a tons of updates with 12B. Which is probably the smart way to work around the fact that management simply hasn’t given the green light for any leaks. They did however share that we’ll get a few more emotes and that the new dungeon might actually be a trial that you enter from within the Tomb of the Nine Gods. It certainly sounds interesting although there’s a lot of reading between the lines involved here. Other than that, it was just the devs improvising and having fun, like singing Happy birthday to Thomas on stream!

Smooth Launch

As chaotic as the stream was, as smooth was the launch. There are really not a lot of severe issues to talk about. In the official launch week bug report thread a lot of complaints are about lower level identifying scrolls not working or enchantments that didn’t properly get converted to their new rarities. There are quite a lot of minor issues however, so the devs will certainly not run out of work the next days. Oh and you might be able to “restore” the Heart of the Blue Dragon into the Soul Sight Crystal. Neverwinter is full of surprises!

How did you experience yesterday’s stream? Did you run into issues with Mod 12B? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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