Christmas Banwave Targeted Invocation and Profession Botting

Apparently Cryptic and PWE delivered a special gift to all botters around December 20th by banning multiple accounts involved in invocation and profession botting activities. Unlike the last major ban waves there was no official announcement, but the bot forums are full of ban reports. Besides some rumors we directly received confirmations from affected players as well. This seems to be legit.

It’s that time again!

Banning players right before Christmas has become a staple happening. Last year players got banned for botting, third-party transactions and a Starlight Parcel exploit. Unfortunately a number of innocents got hit in the process which turned into quite a mess. The overall silence could indicate that the devs have aimed better this time although we did receive some claims that not all bans are fully justified.

Temporary suspension in the wave lasted for seven days, but permanent bans have been handed out as well.

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