Neverwinter Year in Review: October, November and December

To start off 2017 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, wrapping up the year with October, November and December today. The other quarters can be found here: January-March, April-June and July-September.


In October Sea of Moving Ice hit preview and with it a minor sneak peak at Module 11. We meanwhile closed the chapter on the Maze Engine as consoles prepared for Storm Kings Thunder. Those who wanted to quickly level new character for the content addition however couldn’t do so any longer with certain power-leveling techniques, which were deemed exploitive. Campaigns would get easier though with newly introduced Double Currency events.

The announced Dungeon Key Changes caused the biggest upset of the quarter. By peeking into chests players were able to decide whether to spend a key on the given loot or not. This wasn’t intended and scheduled to be fixed. A major rage however let the devs reverse the decision and rework the complete loot system instead.


The dungeon key disaster even carried over to the next month as two of our authors proposed their changes for a better loot system. Additionally the aftermath led to Sharpedge discontinuing the work on his CW bible.

In terms of Sea of Moving Ice we weren’t really high on the amount of grind introduced. Fishing and the Relic Weapons brought many to their knees! Good thing players could at least look forward to massive sales and giveaways during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately not all promos worked as promised.

We could get another look at the new Lead Designer Thomas Foss in a Q&A with the German community. Meanwhile StrumSlinger moved into a different position within PWE and his replacement Nitocris83 started off working at a nice pace.

Last but not least our Toolbase switched to crowdsourcing.


In Sea of Moving Ice the new Trial Svardborg was the ultimate challenge and our guide hopefully helped adventurer to beat the giant. Some fights in Fangbreaker Island and other content however could be re-entered and therefore lacked challenge.

Cryptic also announced they would no longer support Direct3D9 and Windows XP and the MMO landscape had to deal with some new laws in Asia. We wondered whether the Mythic+ system could work in Neverwinter, revisited the State of the Game post from Rob Overmeyer and the Russian Drider server banned MoF specs from PVP.

Winter Event RacingOtherwise the month of course was largely about the Winter Festival. It quickly became evident though that announcing parties in Twilight Tor could become more difficult than ever. The Chat Report System was massively abused and hit many innocents. Also Starlight Parcels were minorly bugged so that the devs had to work extra shifts during the holidays to deliver replacements.

That’s our year in review for 2016. We hope you guys enjoyed it! In case you want to add something or have a general comment, share it below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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