Community Manager Confirms Chultan Hunter is NOT working as Intended

There was a lot of speculation on recent days whether the Chultan Hunter is actually working as intended. As we’ve reported on Thursday, players have already started unlocking the new dungeon “Tomb of the Nine Gods” or the “King of Spines” Hunt although it shouldn’t be possible with the weekly caps in place. The reason is that the premium companion’s bonus Totems don’t count towards the cap. Additionally the Chultan Hunter continues rewarding the bonus even after the cap has been reached.

Too Good to be True

[su_quote cite=”nitocris83″ url=”″]Hi everyone. I was able to get an answer this AM and the companion is NOT working properly. A fix will be going out asap.[/su_quote]

Community Manager “nitocris83” Julia now confirmed that the companion is indeed not working as intended. It seems obvious that it shouldn’t still reward additional Totems after the cap has been reached. On the other hand the bonus not counting towards the cap might actually be intentional. If you don’t already own the Chultan Hunter it might be best to wait how the fix will actually play out.

Too Minor to be Banned?

One interesting question is whether PWE will hand out bans for exploiting the bug. The only real comparison we have is the Arcane Reservoir exploit back in module 1 where players could get more campaign progression currency than intended as well. Some offenders received temporary suspensions ranging from three to seven days. This time however it’s not quite the same. The Arcane Reservoir exploit required active participation while just owning the Chultan Hunter is enough to benefit. On the other hand running Soshenstar River zone quests to the ground for one extra Totem doesn’t happen accidentally either. We don’t think this minor infraction really warrants anything, but it’s not entirely impossible.

Have you used the bugged Chultan Hunter? How far were you able to progress in the campaign? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Community Manager Confirms Chultan Hunter is NOT working as Intended

  • August 10, 2017 at 4:11 am

    It should be easy enough to check the impact: How many times did an account repeat those repeatable quests?

    If you got one or two totems more than you should have, that’s probably just an accident.

    If you were one of the people who were running 3-star hunts or TNG on the very first week, after getting a few hundred ‘bonus totems’ from the companion; I think that can’t be classified as anything but an exploit.

    But unlike, say, a bug in a quest or a dungeon, where anyone could exploit it, this exploit required a Zen companion. You might say that the ones who benefited the most from this exploit where Cryptic themselves. There wouldn’t have been nearly as many Chultan Hunters purchased if not to facilitate this exploit.

    ‘Don’t worry guys, exploiting a bug is totes cool as long as you’ve paid us money to do so!’

    What’s next? Paid ‘cheat codes’ in the Zen store?

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