Community Manager Confirms Omuan Carvings Are Gated Behind Both a Weekly Cap and RNG

Ever since the Cradle of the Death God went live with Neverwinter’s Module 13, there was some controversy about how the drops are supposed to work that you need to vivify your Relic Armor (Omuan Carvings) and upgrade to Exalted Weapons (Soulmonger Ampules). Now the mystery has finally been solved, not everyone however will be pleased with the conclusion. As answer to a player asking if not receiving the Carvings on the first run each week is working as intended, Community Manager nitocris83 replied:

[su_quote cite=”nitocris83″ url=”″]Hey everyone! I confirmed that it’s working as intended. It’s got a low-ish drop rate (but not super rare) and it is gated weekly.[/su_quote]

Up to 10 Hours of Grinding per Week

As always, the devs like to paraphrase and often euphemize actual drop rates. Some players reported more than 30 runs to get their Carving. Whether or not that fits the term “low-ish” is certainly up for debate. At 20 minutes per run (including building up your party and such), that’s up to 10 hours of gameplay per week just for that part of the progression. Obviously this is a worst-case (and you get other stuff in the process), but illustrates what low drop rates can do to you.

It would certainly have been nice if this was better documented within the game, or communicated earlier, but at least we now have the confirmation that the Carvings are NOT just a guaranteed weekly reward, but also gated behind RNG. Soulmonger Ampules by the way are a guaranteed drop, as stated by nitocris83 roughly three weeks ago.

[su_quote cite=”nitocris83″ url=”″]Soul Ampules have a 100% drop rate but are gated weekly so you only get 1 a week.[/su_quote]

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4 thoughts on “Community Manager Confirms Omuan Carvings Are Gated Behind Both a Weekly Cap and RNG

  • April 3, 2018 at 8:20 am

    This is it, for this fuccking shit i left Neverwinter to behind, 4 years, 16k GS, all enchants 13, trans in armor and weapon, but left to behind, this is not fair, you run a lot of DGs for poor drop, i ran many, many, many CNs with Party for 10 min in a run, and drop one, JUST ONE Orcus unbound in all time. This is no fair with players.

  • April 3, 2018 at 8:52 am

    1 in 30 is about a 3.33% drop rate, pretty much the same as a Coal Ward from a Celestial Coffer. They must think that if it was also 100%, but only one a week, no one would run the dungeons/encounters again, except once a week. Maybe another once each on Alts.

    They may well be right. I am often dismayed at the number of people who only want to speed run to get the end-chest “rewards”. Most geared people hardly ever seem to want to play for the fun of it anymore, and certainly not to help others learn. That is what makes it a grind. It’s like watching a kettle boil from 1ºC. Go do something else, and it boils unexpectedly quickly in your absence. Standing there watching it start to boil until it switches off before you make your coffee is dull, tedious and boring. And seems to take much longer.

    And it’s very odd that a lot of people I spend time helping are already in good guilds but, due to their TIL, no one in their Guild will bother with them.

    I recently helped a guy in WoD who did not know what Elminster’s quest was for, and met several others with better gear than my Alt (but lower TIL as they had fewer boons and no rank 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 enchants and no Mythic Artifacts) who did not know about Temple of Tiamat. And when trying to get a group so I can get the last few Linus I need for the last two boons (I have everything else, including the Pages and Tomes), I got characters 3k lower than my Alt telling me it was old content and not worth running!

    But it IS worth running, if we win! 10 minutes of actual FUN, 1 Guaranteed Linu, Guaranteed Salvage, and if you have made Keys with the useless currencies, the stuff in the chest MIGHT not be total crap, and you can get more salvage there as well. And you save hundreds of Coffers that you can sell for AD instead of spending on a Linu at the cart!

    @Fernando, if you are quitting and play on PC, could I have your unbound stuff?

  • April 3, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    For me there’s just not a lot of interest in Cradle. I’ve changed up a lot of my Primal gear already to Hunt gear and MW, so the need for Carvings just isn’t there. Ampules sure, but no need to farm them since its a guaranteed drop on first completion of the week. There’s nothing majorly unique from Cradle like how mSVA had potential Greater Dod/Krig/Helig rings and Demo having +5 Rising Power and Brutality.

    Oh well. I like the mechanics and the overall difficulty of Cradle, but I do think they need to add a campfire after the 3rd phase because its beyond annoying get a lag spike just before pull/push or get caught in the hand only to have to start over and go thru those first 3 phases again. But it is what it is.

  • April 7, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Not a single carving from all my runs so far… I am really really REALLY disappointed

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