Double Refining Stones Event Guide


With the update to the refining system in Neverwinter’s Swords of Chult, some corresponding double events got tweaks as well. The game for example used to feature a Double Refining Points event, which became obsolete with the change and was scratched. On the other hand, the double enchant one received an update. Formerly the event would just double all enchantments and runestones, but was extended to all refining stones minus Marks of Potency. So it makes sense to go over the basics here and look how you can utilize the event the most.

What Is Getting Doubled?

First of all, let’s go over the stuff that is getting doubled. Obviously all enchantments and runestones are still included, but now normal refining stones like Peridots and all Enchanting Stones (Superior Enchanting Stone) get doubled as well. This includes every gemstone that drops from utility enchants, boxes or content. You’ll get double Enchanting Stones from Dread Ring lairs and Tomb of the Nine Gods for example, which is why players usually farm for the valuable Ultimate Enchanting Stone in the Chult and Ravenloft group content.

Quite a lot of boxes can and should be saved up for the event. Here is a, probably incomplete, list:

What Makes Sense Saving Up?

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Obviously not everything makes sense saving up for the Double Refining Stones event. The Celestial Bags of Refining for example don’t even stack and net so little actual RP that it’s hardly worth it. If you have some laying around on alts however, it might be a good idea to open them during the x2. The same can probably be said about HEs, Ardent Coffers, Refiner’s Caches, the Elemental Containers and the Steward’s Incentive Package. On the contrary, saving the boxes from the Leadership Profession is wise. Since you’ll probably be running the tasks all day anyway, save up the boxes and open them during the event. They drop unbound stuff which can be sold.

Also check the artifact packs that drop from lockboxes. Some net refining or even enchanting stones, which are getting doubled as well. Farming Dread Ring with alts could also turn into a profitable thing to do for the same reason. Generally all dungeon chests receive a nice little boost during the event days and it can’t hurt to focus on group content. Overflow rewards are easily overlooked as well. You accumulate them rapidly nowadays and since they mostly drop refining stones,  they should be saved for the event. It’s not really mandatory though and I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

Overall the enchantment and runestone double event is quite nice. The only downside is that you have to clear a few more inventory slots for the packs you want to save and have to wait for the event. But the patience is being rewarded with a lot of additional refining points and reagents. So it’s definitely worth it!

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