Epic Temple of the Spider Strategy Guide

People are starting to figure out ways to beat the super-hard new T2 dungeons and I’ve had a very close look at Temple of the Spider over the weekend on my CW. With some buddies we were able to more and more confidently finish the dungeon.

I think we don’t need to talk about trash and the first two bosses. Both hit hard, need to be tanked and come with a decent amount of adds that have to be controlled. Adds at Lord Jevahn Jhalvar can be punted, Halbryn Dark Stalker is just an AoE fest.
One random note: The first Drider mob (the third in the dungeon) is probably the toughest of the whole run. Don’t get discouraged by wiping there, it actually gets easier after that. Also the Phase Spiders can be suicided by a competent GF. You need to position yourself with your back at a cliff and mark the Spiders. They will charge-teleport behind you and fall down.

The final boss though. I really like they tried to establish more challenging mechanics and contrary to the first round of QQs, the dungeons are not too hard. What didn’t change is that there are still two phases. Syndrith starts in her human form, but there are fewer adds.
In the second Drider phase two giant copies will appear, a red one on the left (looking from the campfire/entrance) and a blue one on the right. The left one will snipe at a random party member similar to what Lostmauth does. This attack has to be dodged or blocked.  The blue one will send a beam that tries to heal Syndrith.

Lets talk about group composition a bit. The boss and adds hit hard, so you absolutely need a good and geared tank and healer and all damage immunities/resistances you can get. Our tank used Steel Defense and the DC Anointed Army, which is a really nice daily for the fight and much better than Hallowed Ground for example. A (Renegade) CW is mandatory and I personally also like a Trapper HR in the group because of the combination of damage, control and Fox’s Cunning. The fifth member can be chosen freely. I’ve had successful runs with TRs as well as a second DC and CW.

In the first phase the most dangerous situations occur whenever the boss teleports and the group has to chase her. Her ranged attacks are deadly and all classes that have dodges should make use of them while approaching her. Even if you don’t die your GF might be eaten in the process from KV. That’s also a general hint in regards of that GF power: You still should dodge and avoid as many attacks as possible, because if your Tank goes down, the run is over.
When standing around her, the DPS classes position themselves so that they don’t get hit by her. Stand in the Astral Shield, AoE any adds down and avoid the spider webs because they can root you like forever. Don’t get too worried about the heals she gets from draining adds, you still should be able to out-damage that.

In the second phase we had most success positioning her at the cliff on the right side next to the entrance. You have to do two things in this phase: a) avoid the red sniping beam and b) block the blue healing beam. The sniping beam will damage the first target standing in its way, not necessarily the player it aims for. So the player that’s being targeted has to run away from the group and dodge that thing or another player has to dodge/block/intercept the beam for the target. Some say bringing the boss between yourself and the beam works as well. Standing at the cliff you have the whole room to operate no matter what strategy to handle the beam you choose.
Blocking the blue healing beam is automatic at that position as well. All you need to do is get in between the blue copy and Syndrith. Because you are fighting at the edge your DPS will naturally stand behind the boss and block the way of the healing beam.

If you respect these things, the fight becomes very manageable within a good group. There will still be wipes and those wtf moments where you get one-shotted from nowhere, but that’s part of the process. I think the first phase with the teleports is actually even harder than the second phase where you can position her like you want to.

Have fun, I really enjoyed the challenge and the plethora of fails that came with it.

ToS victory


j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

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  • May 14, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    u can avoid the red beam positioning urself behind syndrith, so that she will be hitten by the ray and get damage

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