Exploit History Vol. 13: Foundry Power Leveling

Exploit History BannerFor today’s episode of our Exploit History we go way back to the beta of the game and take a look at very early foundry power leveling issues. The foundry has always been an exploit-rich environment, which contributed to its downfall. On of the problems in 2013 was that all mobs and quests were handing out uncapped experience.

Uncapped Experience From Foundry

In theory it made sense to have foundry quests as viable path to level 60. Players however soon figured out to exploit the foundry by setting up farm quests. These came in different varieties, but always featured tons of elite mobs that hand out a substantial amount of XP. Often authors also designed them in a way that mobs couldn’t even fight back.

The exploit quickly spread, certain maps were deleted and experience gain in the foundry eventually reduced soon after, making this the first of many foundry nerfs to limit botting and exploitation. Already back then legit authors warned to not kill all viability of the foundry with the changes. Unfortunately, the future would proof them all too right.

Players have been reacting to the Foundry nerf with dismay, particularly non-exploit-using authors who feel as though they are being punished with the rest of the class by the XP nerfs (though “legit” farming maps appear to have escaped deletion so far). One player noted called this situation an “endless cat and mouse game” that has happened in other similar systems.Justin Olivetti

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