Exploit History Vol. 19: Temple of the Spider Shortcuts and Boss Exploits

Exploit History BannerIn today’s episode of our Exploit History, we build on our already impressive collection of dungeon exploits the game has seen so far. As most of the very early dungeons, Temple of the Spider featured plenty of it. There were so many that we can’t even list all of them. So make sure to comment on your own memories below the article! We’re sure you have fun and shocking stories to tell!

Skipping Most of the Map

The first exploit we want to highlight is already quite hilarious. For whatever reason you could skip large parts of the dungeon during the 60s era by escaping the gameplay area and jump under the map. Players could “fly” through the map and respawn at certain campfires, for example right at the last boss. This pretty much was the same combination of issues that also allowed the Castle Never picture frame shortcut. In the early stages of the game the devs didn’t seal off maps properly and allowed players to spawn at the nearest campfire.

This might be the most prominent, but it’s not the only shortcut exploit of the Temple of the Spider. Throughout the modules players repeatedly figured out how to skip content, making “eTOS” always one of the fastest dungeons to run.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbKbQogY45Q” https=”yes”]

Boss Exploits

Syndryth occasionally had it rough as well. She is supposed to be such a strong spider queen, but got trolled by players frequently. Teams could kill her from below, pull her out of the boss room, even make her suicide. The latter was one of the major “wtf” moments in dungeon exploit history. You could pull her to a ledge in the boss room where should eventually fall off. It’s wasn’t guaranteed, but in times where the encounter was still hard to complete a major time-saver nonetheless.

Today this is obviously no longer necessary and the spots sealed off anyway, but back then, players sometimes got very creative in beating Syndryth.

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4 thoughts on “Exploit History Vol. 19: Temple of the Spider Shortcuts and Boss Exploits

  • March 24, 2018 at 9:58 am

    Think your next exploit post should be how TRs use a skill to get past the trap in tong. The one that has boulders crashing down and blocking the path. Then have party to wipe to send them to next campfire rather than move the boulders. If you need more details on how its done just as Galatic Underoos to post a video of him doing it. He really should not mind as he said it is not an exploit an was intended by the developers 🙂

  • March 24, 2018 at 11:53 am

    There’s a huge difference between an exploit bug, as doing something not intended by the devs when you can run the dungeon in a classic way, and exploiting some deviant skill behaviour because it is the only way to DEBUG something. The roc trap in tong can be a bugged mess and while it’s probably not intended by the devs to do this, it shouldn’t happen if it wasn’t bugged in the first place.

    Related to the topic, I didn’t know this 20sec shortcut exploit from the 60-era, thanks for the discovery!

  • March 24, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Yea but to just go ahead and do it when the rock trap is not bugged and party is just to lazy “that is not a real party” to move them. I run with groups that understand team work not running with ones that intend to be carried. But if you don’t think it is wrong/explot why don’t you post a video to show other TRs how its done.

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