Exploit History Vol. 9: Killing Fulminorax and Valindra From Below

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In this installment of our Exploit History we focus on a very popular dungeon exploit from Fury of the Feywild and Shadowmantle. The introduction of both dungeons was overshadowed by a few map collision glitches. They allowed to get under the map and kill the bosses from below. Unlike today, both Valindra and Fulminorax were challenging encounters that couldn’t be reliably completed by everyone. So getting an easy kill was a considerable advantage over non-exploiters.

Jump, jump, jump around!

The glitch in Valindra’s Tower was a weird one. In the final room before the boss you had to jump into a specific corner using a specific angle. Doing the jump the right way players would be ported on top of the room. From there they could continue using a specific path to get under the boss. With the exploit players could safely kill Valindra for roughly two weeks after the release.

In Malabog’s Castle Valindra has Fulminorax by her side, but adventurers also more glitches to take advantage of. The easiest one was to log out at a certain point of the map. In that case players would find themselves under the map after loggin back in. There was also a skill-jump in a corner that would get players on top and then eventually under the map. That’s why for a certain time players requested “knowing the jump” in lfg to run the dungeon. Furthermore both encounters were run with a mainly ranged setup so all players could DPS the bosses from below.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to find videos of the exploit. This one however shows you could get into unintended spots. Today the areas that caused the issue are adequately sealed off or patched in other ways.

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2 thoughts on “Exploit History Vol. 9: Killing Fulminorax and Valindra From Below

  • December 3, 2016 at 7:17 am

    Well, valindra was able to jump under arena too. 🙂 So it wasnt safe-free-kill, at least for low geared people. Most of new/harder content was glitchable. I remember jumping in cn, tos, pillar in fh, karru, mob skip in pk, pulling 1st boss through gate in pf… Even with all glitches around old game gave me more fun than endless grinding now. Im sick of fishing and doing bhe.

    • December 3, 2016 at 10:40 am

      You take the words from me.

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