Gift of Simril Exploit Surfaced

Yesterday, an exploit that is going on since the start of the Winter Event, went public on the official message boards. The moderation muted several threads regarding the issue as always, but we discuss the implications of the current situation. The exploit allows you to open infinite Gift of Simrils and consequently infinite Lights of Simril, Stars of Fortune and Starlight Bags on a second account.

The Auction House is flooded with the exploited stuff. All BoE items from the Star of Fortune and Simril Store are affected as well as the Bonding Runestone, which you can get from some Companions that drop from the Starlight Bags. While the Companions themselves are bound, the Runestone is not. Here is a complete list of the exploitable items:

  • Sparkling Transmutes
  • Dappled Riding Horse Mount
  • Fawn of Shiallia Companion
  • Ice Sprite Companion
  • Frost Mimic Companion
  • Lesser Bonding Runestone

Fawn price development under the  GoS exploitIf you were hoping to make some profit grinding the event, you should stop right now. On the right you see the price development for the Fawn of Shiallia under the current exploit. After the Winter Event last year, the price settled for 185k ADs and remained very stable throughout the year. Especially since the turn of the year the amount of Fawns in the Auctions House made another serious jump and the price plummeted to 10k.
Although this is a big hit for legit grinders, the BoE items from the Starlight Parcels are unaffected and can still net you some ADs if you are lucky enough to get a decent item. (Additional note 5/1/2014: One player rightfully noted that all items are somewhat affected by the bug because exploiters can get to higher tier awards faster than intended and cash in on their daily Parcels.)

What you should do right now is stop grinding the event, it became worthless. You can still do the dailies to get your bound (and cool!) Winter Sled Mount plus the Scarfs, but everything else should be obtained via the Auction House. Be aware that you are most likely buying from exploiters though.


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2 thoughts on “Gift of Simril Exploit Surfaced

  • January 4, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    To be fair botter sploits compensate or compensated for a lot of neverwinter design issues.

    Anyone who has orange gear is either a moron with their disposable income or has bought 17k stacks of peridots. The problem isn’t the throngs farming the Arcane Resevoir its the stupid rp problem.

  • January 10, 2016 at 12:48 am

    This exploit didn’t have near the reach/implication of last years (although last years exploit resulted in a lot of people getting BOC of everything the event had to offer and did not directly effect the AH outside of what could be bought with lights and the price on bonding stones). I don’t think its what will affect the pricing. Pricing is going to be affected by less income in the game reducing the # of people willing to get companions just for their collection. Also eggs being available on zen market should impact chicken/cockatrice prices. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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