Review: AMA Reddit with Producer HeyRogers

For the second time, Producer HeyRogers answered questions from the Neverwinter community on Reddit two days ago. As always with official sources he remained vague mostly throughout, but nonetheless had interesting things to say about some areas.

There were no specifics given on the upcoming Module 6, but he revealed it will be as big or even bigger than Module 3, because they won’t have to align with WotC content/storyline this time. Mod 3 brought open world, a PVP campaign, the Leaderboard and Heroic Encounters to the game. You can definitely argue the impact those additions had, but it was indeed an enormous update overall so Mod 6 will likely feature plethora of new features (“2 HUGE things 4 big things 1 medium thing 1 totally strange and unexpected thing” to be exact).

The stuff he shared about PVE was mostly underwhelming. They are monitoring the RP situation and exploring to add more difficult “epic” versions of older dungeons to the endgame. From the sound of it they will be merely tweaking the RP gain here and there and this dungeon thing is at best two or three modules away. It seems, and he basically admited, that they are very anxious that some players could run out of things to do and therefore rather make the game very grindy. One big disappointment was calling off the queue system for Tiamat due to technical limitations, which would have brought a little bit more reliability to the fight. On the bright side: There will be housing at some point and more classes sooner that we might think!
It’ll be interesting which route they’ll take for the next campaign with all the noise around the amount of dailies already in the game. HeyRogers also said they want to get people engaged in playing older content as well so one possibility would be sort of a PVP-campaign structure in which you have to achieve certain tasks to progress and dailies play only a minor role. But that’s a rather wild guess admittedly. We know there will be a dual spec or power layout at some point, but they haven’t said anything that should make you really confident it is happening in Mod 6.

In terms of PVP there is some good and bad news.
Bad: No more maps and game modes for at least this module (I’d say even the next two to three). HeyRogers reiterated in another topic that they won’t add certain features if the majority of players do not benefit from them and it has been repeatedly stated that the PVP population is negligible, at least on the bigger Dragon (international) server.
Good: But he also did say that the changes in Mod 6 will impact both PVE and PVP gameplay and that they had recent success with running a leaderboard-centered tournament on the Russian server. Best guess is they will finally come up with some sort of premade-queue/challenging system to separate competitive and casual PVP, maybe even make the normal ranking a solo queue. Let’s just hope they are clever enough to fix the exploits involving the Leaderboard.

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