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Hey Guys n Gals, Garlaanx Here! Normally I just lurk in the shadows but I figured I would take the burden off j0Shi for once and just write this spectacular article myself! Unblogged has already gone over in decent detail how the Hunting System works in Module 12. However, I tossed some videos together so you guys can actually see the knowledge in the act.

Some Things Up Front

Some things to always keep in mind when doing the hunts. You can only have 1 of every trophy and lure in your inventory at any given time. Now, you can mail the loots to yourself via the Mailbox System (VIP Clutch #Pay2Win). You can also store Trophies and Lures in a guild bank. Using past knowledge we know that making guilds are a good solid way to gain additional storage space anyway (the first repository costs 100k).

The Tier 1 Hunts

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Today we will be going over all the Tier 1 Normal Hunts. More videos/guides will come later! The most important thing to remember is that the T-Rex Fangs will drop for everyone. However, every other Hunt only drops one single item for one person. So, if you decide to hunt in parties you will have to discuss how loot will be spread.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The T-Rex is most likely the easiest farm. Although there are only three total spawn locations the trophy has a 99% drop rate. You can group with a team of five and even bring additional people if you so choose. Just make sure everyone “tags” the mob at least once to gain credit toward the kill. The “place holder” has the name of just Tyrannosaurus. Make sure to wipe these out and wait for the five min’ish respawn times. As shown in the video, I personally just like to farm two locations and run back and forth. However, you can farm all three if you want to maximize drop rates.


Bigclaw is the mob you will be after for your Bigclaw Pincer Trophy. It isn’t a very hard rotation to run. However, the spawn ratio and spawn drop rate are a little lower as shown in the video. I like to just run three spawn points, but if you want to sail down the river and hit two more you can. You can also add the Rotting Ogre in your rotation for added drops. The place holders for Bigclaw are just normal Crabs.

Rotting Ogre

The Rotting Ogres are another easy farm that seem to also have a decent drop ratio. As shown in the video, I typically like to just run in the circle and clear out everything non-stop. The Rotting Ogre’s Femur is the Trophy you will be after and as mentioned does drop pretty often. It has 17 spawn locations total and if you want to maximize drop ratios you can run the entire left side of the map.

Batiri Brave

Now, this little bugger is one of the more annoying spawns. Although it has 20+ spawn locations, it seems that the spawn ratio is pretty low. On top of that the Trinket Trophy seems to be pretty rare itself. The place holders are all normal Batiri packs. When the Brave spawns, you will notice it right away as it has a red aura around the entire pack. This is a pretty straight forward camp as shown in the video. You can just run around the entire spot on the map and slaughter as much as you can… as fast as you can.


Yet again, this named spawn has a pretty uncommon spawn ratio (notice a pattern yet?). And yet again, the drop ratio for the Smilodon Tooth is pretty low as well. There are six spawn locations, but for whatever reason, you can only access five of these. As shown in the video you can farm a few mobs during the rotation that I like to take. The Chultan Tigers are the place holder.


This spawn is just as bad as the rest for not only spawn ratios but also trophy drop. You will be after the Venomtail Poison. The place holders are just normal scorpions. Now, there are only four total spawn locations for these. You can either run all four in your rotation, or as in the video just do the two back to back. You can also just add these in your rotation while running in a circle and knocking out Venomtail, Smilodon, and Eotyrannus.


Now, this guy has a total of ten spawn locations, but don’t let that fool you. Most of them are widely spread apart and running all of the locations just isn’t logical. As shown in the video, I like to do a three round rotation on the bottom of the map. The spawn and drop ratios are again, pretty low. You will be after the Eotyrannus Talon and the place holders for these are the Deinonychus.

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Personal Opinion

So, this concludes the small guide on all the Tier 1 Hunts which will yield you Tier 1 Trophies to then turn into Tier 1 Lures! We will adventure more soon into the Tier 2 Hunts, and eventually King of Spines. Now, I just want to take a few moments and give my personal opinion on the Hunting System. Yes, it’s completely grindy and gives us something to do. However, we have been asking for “more content” more years now and I personally don’t mind grinding for things.

But this system currently is just unrealistic. Not only the spawn rates are rare but also the trophy drops. Now, this is just for T1 stuff. You still have to make the lures and pray to the RNG gods that it drops a T2 Trophy. Getting to King of Spines is a long process, and also getting the items to drop from KoS is a pain. Don’t even get me started on the +5 Rings. You thought farming Demogorgon was evil?

Some Improvements Are Needed

I personally think that one of two things could have been improved on. Either make the named mobs spawn more. Or make the drops rates higher. Having rare spawn rates and rare drop rates is absurd. Also, let’s factor in Cryptic’s logic for awhile now where “Neverwinter is meant to be played casually by casual people”. No casual player will obtain end drops from the Hunting System… Maybe in like a year if they are lucky. Now of course, everything is based off RNG, and one person’s luck differs from another’s. However, I have been farming trophies for almost 8-10 hours a day since the Mod 12 launch on console and only have one T3 Trophy. You need three total T3 Trophies to make the King of Spines lure. Now, at the same time, I was actually extremely lucky and pulled a “good” +5 Ring already. So, all in all… I feel like the Hunting System was a fantastic addition to the game but it does need some slight improvements… that we will most likely never see.

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