Next Patch Will Fix Ring Of Cowardice, Add New Life Lockbox

Terramak posted new patch notes to the preview section of the official forum. The first update of 2016 comes with a major bugfix in terms of PVP gameplay. The inglorious Ring of Cowardice, which is frustrating most of the playerbase ever since module launch will finally correctly respect its ICD.

[su_quote cite=”terramak” url=”″]Ring of Cowardice: The effect on this ring now properly has an internal cooldown.[/su_quote]

Alongside quite a few QoL changes, stability fixes and achievement addition for Underdark content, the next more interesting change is the removal of Mount Upgrades from the Wondrous Bazaar. Terramak followed up by stating that there will be additional info soon.

[su_quote cite=”terramak” url=”″]Can’t go into detail yet on the Mount Training Manuals, sorry. Related news will be coming soonish, though I’m sure you’re all familiar with what “soon” means in game development terms, haha.[/su_quote]

Based on the new mount powers and stats we already suggested last June that a greater change to mounts might be due, because old mounts are currently rendered useless.

The patch will also add the new lockbox “New Life” to the game that seems to include a whole new set of baby (augment) companions with extremely powerful active bonuses. The lockbox does not include a Genie’s Gift, but a version of the Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpot that does not auto-open and can be sold on the auction house. The included Artifact was originally listed for the Demon Slayer lockbox and we haven’t checked whether that’s still the case. It could also simply be a placeholder. The new life lockbox does not fit the Underdark theme anyway, so it might still be a few months away.

[su_box title=”New Items” radius=”0″]Lockbox_Newlife_Companion_Pack_Legendary

[su_box title=”Power” radius=”0″]Adorability will add the baby’s base stats to your own while it is summoned.

10% chance to become outraged, increasing lifesteal and lifesteal chance by [X]%

+{p.m[1].Magnitude}% Outgoing Healing.

If you take damage of more than 25% of your Max HP in a single blow, you {k:Heal} for 25% of your {k:MaxHP} over the next 30 seconds. This effect may only occur once every 60 seconds.

<temp power for owlbear baby>

Do an additional hit for Weapon Damage on a Critical hit.[/su_box]

We’ll probably have more on the lockbox on Thursday, so stay tuned!


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  • January 10, 2016 at 12:37 am

    Wonder if they will fix the cowardice ring proc’ing on DOT’s also or if it proc’s on first hit it will hold for each proc of the DOT like some other things. Seriously tired of Fire of the Gods proc’ing on a Cowardice would be victim for 15 seconds.

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