Lockbox of the Nine RNG Test and Review

Today we continue our RNG tests and reviews of lockboxes by looking at the Lockbox of the Nine. In case you’re interested in the results for the Many-Starred Lockbox, click here. The current lockbox is live on PC since the Shroud of Souls update and for console users this is a great resource in terms of what to expect from it. So without further ado, here are the numbers, which I have also incorporated in our RNG toolbox.

The Results


Item Amount %
 1x The Advisor’s Artifact Pack 3,458  17.29
 1x The Keep’s Artifact Equipment Pack 3,443  17.22
 1x The Noble’s Enchantment Pack 3,403 17.02
 1x The Squire’s Companion Pack 3,344  16.72
 1x The Cavalry’s Mount Pack 3,344 16.72
 1x The Lord’s Stronghold Pack  1,754  8.77
 1x The Quartermaster’s Professions Pack  919  4.60
 1x Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpot  142 0.71
 1x Sigil of the Nine  110 0.55
 1x Starfade Stag  54 0.27
 1x Celestial Stag  29  0.14


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The devs really seem to have upped the drop rates of the major prizes. The legendary Stag again comes in at 0.14%, the same drop rate as the Arcane Whirlwind and roughly three times as much as legendary prizes from earlier lockboxes. The blue packs all have the same chance except the The Lord’s Stronghold Pack and the The Quartermaster’s Professions Pack. The distribution seems to be 4:2:1. The Stronghold Pack drops twice as much as the Profession Pack and all other packs twice as much as the Stronghold Pack and four times as much as the Professions Pack.

Blue drops

I’m no particular fan of the Artifact and Artifact Equipment Packs in general. They just do not contain a lot that’s really helpful for endgame characters and contribute to progression. This time however you can get the Shard of Orcus’ Wand, which is part of a best-in-slot artifact set for some builds. It was only available through cruel RNG and running Castle Never so far and on PC the prices dropped considerably.

The other new item is the Cloak of the Protector, which features a low-end set bonus for alternate characters. Not really fond of this one to be honest. I like the idea of introducing ALTernatives, but the mains you bring up probably get their endgame set right away and on all other characters, like farm chars, you want to avoid refining as much as possible to feed the RPs to your mains. I fail top see a true viability and the prices on the AH confirm that. The Cloak currently sells for pennies on PC.

Overall this makes the line of blue drops a little lackluster. The Enchantment Pack in Lifedrinker and Bloodtheft contains two of the worse enchantments and some cool looking mounts and unique furniture for the Guild Hall might now be enough for players to really invest in the lockbox. Our advise at this point would be to grab what you need from the Auction House and rather open something else. Contrary to what we said on our preview by the way, the Mount Pack does only contain Insignias of type “B”.


This might turn out to be one of the weaker lockboxes, because the issues don’t stop with the blue drops. The Stags look cool, but feature Regeneration as Equip Power, which nobody needs at the moment. That’s why the Celestial Stag is by far the cheapest legendary mount on the AH on PC right now. So if you’re looking for 140% speed at a “reasonable” price, there you go. The Sigil of the Nine is a nice Artifact for buffers/tanks though and you should grab a few while they are cheap.

I hope you liked our data and short review of the Lockbox of the Nine! In case you have any comments or questions, post them below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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