Lost City of Omu Achievement Additions

As Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu inches closer, Unblogged brings you fresh previews every week! Today we are looking at the added achievements and how to get them!

Overall, the achievements in Module 13 are nothing special. Unlike in Soshenstar River, you have very few of those special and fun explorational stuff (or we haven’t found it yet). Most achievements can be unlocked while just doing the campaign and module content.

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Lost City of Omu Adventure Map

On the Omu adventure map, you need to find all three Scrying Stones for the “Scrying Omu” achievement. You can either figure it out by yourself or use the map we published here. Additionally there is an achievement for finding all treasure chests (“Omuan Treasure Hunter”) and for offering those Trickster Talismans to all nine shrines in the Undercity (“No God Too Small”). The treasure one might be hard to complete as it requires 15 locations while we have only found 12 so far. The game files indeed feature 15 pictures, but there’s a chance not all of them made it into the final version and the achievement wasn’t adjusted.

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Campaign, Hunts and Heroic Encounters

Doing the campaign, Hunts, and Heroic Encounters, you can unlock five achievements. The first one is “Fane of the Night Serpent” that requires players to complete the weekly lair once. It unlocks with the last progression task of the same name. While you pretty much can’t avoid getting this one, you have to do a bit more for “Volo’s Guide to Monster Vol. IV to VI”. The three added achievements work in the same way as Vol. I to III in Mod 12. You need to complete all 1-Star (Vol. IV), all 2-Star (Vol. V) and the Tyrant Hunt (Vol. VI) to unlock them. Last but not least there is an achievement (“Beast Handler”) tied to the Tyrant Heroic Encounter that unlocks when you successfully protect all beast cages from being destroyed.

Cradle of the Death God

As usual, beating the new capstone group content “Cradle of the Death God” comes with an achievement of its own. Unlike Svardborg, there’s no special one this time for not dying, which probably would have been even harder to reach than the one back in Mod 10.5. If you haven’t been to the new trial and don’t know what we’re talking about, stay tuned. We’ll have more on the new trial at a later point.

That’s the Lost City of Omu achievement additions we’ve found so far! Do you have additional ones? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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