Medallions of Battle Rain Again, This Time on Consoles

Looks like Perfect World pulled a Britney Spears, because oops, they did it again! You might know that we reported a bug with Medallions of Battle drop rates for the PC version of the game last September. A quality of life change that made it possible to solo queue into content enabled players to get way more Medallions in the Call-to-Arms format than intended. Apparently a set amount of them dropped per mob and was divided between all party members. If the party only consisted of one, then the player was able to get up to 200 Medallions per run.

The devs have since incorporated a fix by changing how the drops work. Players now once again only got 30-ish Medallions regardless of how many players participate in a run.

The Bug Celebrates Its Revival on Consoles

That’s on PC. On consoles in the meantime the bug celebrates a big revival. Garlaanx tipped us off with a video posted to his Youtube channel, which clearly shows that multiple Medallions drop per mob. This makes the current CtA on Xbox and PS4 a premier way to amass the event currency. The next edition will probably already feature the fix that has been live on PC for quite some time. Don’t forget that Medallions don’t expire. So you can very well farm a bunch and spend them on your favorite transmutes or whatever later.

Have fun with Garrundar!

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Will you go out and get those Medallions or stay away from the bug? Share your thoughts and opinion on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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