Miasmat Confirms Fashion Inventory

Yesterday the developers caused a lot of smiling faces within the community. In the discussion about the upcoming inventory management changes, they shared a couple of upcoming features related to the stuff that’s coming in Module 12b.

[su_quote cite=”miasmat” url=”http://forum.arcgames.com/neverwinter/discussion/comment/12989170/#Comment_12989170″]Fashion Bag – we’re trying to figure out how crazy we want to get with this feature. It’ll land somewhere between “just a bag where you can store Fashion stuff” to “a crazy new UI with saved dye configurations and every thing you’ve ever owned, with sparkles and ponies and it’ll wash your car*”… *Note: car wash, ponies and sparkles not available in all territories.

Protected Items – there will be a toggle thing you can do per-item to prevent an item from being destroyed by most methods it would get destroyed. It won’t get auto-added to the Convert to Refinement Points window, for example. If you protect a potion, you can still drink the potion. The feature is supposed to prevent you from accidentally automatically destroying Your Precious(tm).

Reverse Sort – while not implemented yet, it seems easy enough to me to make a 2nd click on the Sort button do a reverse sort, putting stuff at the bottom of the bag(s).[/su_quote]

Fashion Inventory is Coming

The quote leaves not much room for speculation: The fashion inventory is coming! Currently they seem to figure out whether to make this a full feature like the gear preview or just separate bag space. Either way, this is good news for you fashionable adventurers! The one caveat: It definitely won’t make it for Module 12b. So we have to wait a little longer.

A fashion inventory is an addition that makes sense for all sides. Appearance is mostly a ZEN feature, but right now only few are really collecting fashion and dyes because it unnecessarily blocks the inventory. So separating gameplay relevance and look is necessary. It’s something the game has done with mounts as well. In the past picking a mount meant rocking it’s bonuses and appearance. That led to most endgame players riding a mount they didn’t particularly like, but featured the right equip bonus. Separating the two made more mounts viable, especially a lot of green and blue ones from the ZEN market.

So treating fashion the same way should definitely drives sales of corresponding items. Unique appearance is something players are willing to pay for.

What’s your take on the news? Would you profit from a fashion upgrade or aren’t you that much into looks? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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