Swords of Chult Preview and Guide: Artifact Refining Progression

The artifact refinement progression changes a lot in Neverwinter’s Swords of Chult. Under the old refining system it was very beneficial to use so-called feeder artifacts to advance your main ones. Players would first refine the feeders up to a certain level and then use them to refine the main artifact. Thanks to a massive x10 multiplier, feeders would generate more RP than consume during a x2 event, making it a very profitable technique. Under the new system however, these matching bonuses are completely gone. Overall it makes the system much more flexible. In terms of artifacts though, it’s a little setback.

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The Good

Let’s talk about the positives first. Just like artifact gear, the artifacts are getting their RP halved to make the new system work like double refining. The new cumulative RP needed is slightly below 500,000, exactly 50% less than under the old system. Remember that everything RP related is also getting divided by ten, which makes the math look like this: 10,000,000 (old system) / 10 / 2 = 500,000 (new). We have attached the progression tables below so you can see how many RPs are needed for each level.

Artifacts also benefit from a wider range of possible refining stones, although not as much as other areas. Enchantment and Runestones already granted their full matching RP to artifacts, but at least the specific Union/Power/Stability stones are gone. The Dread Ring quests, and all other campaign dailies that drop RP, now hand out stones like Black Pearls and Emeralds instead.

The required reagents essentially stay the same by the way. The devs just got rid of different mark types and combined them to new Enchanting Stones. These drop from the same locations as the marks, like Dread Ring lairs and profession nodes.

The Bad

While the above makes refining artifacts a tad easier, you can no longer use feeders as already mentioned. Without additional modifiers and matching bonuses, artifacts only give back 30% on higher levels, making them unviable as RP source unless you’re really sure that you do no longer need them. Since you could save up to 40% RP with the feeding method, the benefits of the new system are not able to outweigh this heavy loss. So overall bringing artifacts to mythic gets a little more difficult. If you still have x2 events before the Swords of Chult update, utilize them.

That being said however, refining as a whole doesn’t get more grindy. Under the old system, artifacts were super easy to level and gear more of a pain. Now artifact gear is probably a tad more convenient, so the system basically just shifts a little. Overall I think you should be able to advance both artifacts and gear about as fast as before.

Progression Tables

[su_table url=”https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/artiprogression.csv”][/su_table]


Level Reagents Success%
 Rare (30) 1x Moderate Mark of Potency
2x Moderate Enchanting Stone
1x Greater Enchanting Stone
 Epic (60) 1x Greater Mark of Potency
1x Moderate Enchanting Stone
1x Greater Enchanting Stone
1x Superior Enchanting Stone
Legendary (100) 5x Greater Mark of Potency
1x Greater Enchanting Stone
2x Superior Enchanting Stone
 Mythic (140) 5x Greater Mark of Potency
6x Superior Enchanting Stone


What’s your take on the artifact refinement progression? Do you like the trade-off between artifacts and gear or is the loss of the feeding system too much? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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  • October 16, 2017 at 8:09 am

    In anticipation of the change, feeder artifacts are very inexpensive in the AH on PC. With no 2xRP remaining, is it worthwhile to take advantage of a feeder for artifacts that are not yet mythic? I do have plenty of RP just waiting for the conversion on the 24th.

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