Monday’s Bag Of Tricks Vol. 5: Mod 6 Crit vs. Power

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Welcome to the fifth installment of Monday’s Bag of Tricks! On some Mondays you will find useful tricks, gimmicks and ideas here that can make life in Neverwinter Online easier. Some of the stuff should be well known, but since even veterans learn something new every now and then, chance is you can, too.

Here’s a sheet for you that should help you build your toon going into Mod 6. The effectiveness of Critical Strike vs. Power has always been a hot topic, but under the old stat curves, the majority of builds would just stack Power because it generated more DPS than the same points spend into Crit would have. With the new stat curves and the end of harsh diminishing returns, this has changed. Crit will become a stat that you absolutely want in certain situations. Generally DPS builds that have a high Crit Severity will want to stack Crit much earlier than now, in some cases even before Power.

You only need to fill in your base Crit (all Crit that does not come from gear), the Crit Severity and the sheet will visualize the best ratio between Crit (rows) and Power (column). Green fields indicate you should currently be stacking more Power, red fields indicate Crit is generating more DPS for you. You might notice that there is a constant offset between the two ratings. In the predefined example (20% Crit and 125% Severity) you always want as much Crit as Power no matter how high you go. This linear relationship has been described by our user GFplayer in the following formula:

c – p = 40000 * (1 – b – 1/s)

c: points in your ‘Critical Strike’ stat
p: points in your ‘Power’ stat
b: your base critical chance (how high your chance to hit critically is if you have 0 points in the ‘Critical Strike’ stat)
s: your ‘Critical Severity’

Getting a positive number means your Crit should be surpassing Power by that amount and vice versa. Filling in our example values looks like this: c-p = 40000 * (1 – 0.20  – 1 / 1.25) = 0. So this validates what we saw in the sheet: With 20% Crit and 125% Severity you should be stacking as much Crit as Power.

The original sheet layout comes from another user, who posted it on the official forum. If you know him or her or recognize your work, please contact us so we can give proper credit!

Have fun with it!

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We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information check this out or visit the forum.


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via or check the forum.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Bag Of Tricks Vol. 5: Mod 6 Crit vs. Power

  • March 26, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    So in the case.. for someone using a P. Vorp you will have to go more more crit that power? At 17% Crit and 135% crit serv (not counting pets ofc) it’s giving me a depressing number of 12.8k crit to 9.2k power.. That’s like 4x the crit i have now and i’m pretty speechless 🙂

  • December 2, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Great post and spreadsheet!

    Now I play a Stormspell CW with 70% crit chance. About 40-50% of my damage comes from our Spell Storm active and the Lostmauth set so I’m wondering if the numbers in the spreadsheet maybe can be off depending on class? It just seems that some classes depend more on crit than others, no?


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