Neverwinter Lead Designer Thomas Foss Joined D&D’s Dragon Talk

Yesterday Neverwinter Lead Designer Thomas Foss joined D&D’s Dragon Talk format on Twitch to discuss the game with Community Manager Greg Tito and co-host Shelly Mazzanoble. You can watch the full show below, but don’t expect any “news”. They just casually talked “Tomb of Annihilation” and other stuff. There are also some sound issues for the first 15 seconds of the interview.

Tens of thousands of players?

This was clearly aimed more towards the D&D audience to give them an overall impression about the game. Foss did however make an interesting comment about the playerbase as he at one point referred to “tens of thousands of players”. Of course this is still far away from a definite number, but in case you’re interested in rough estimates, there you go. Other than that nothing of note went down for us Neverwinter players.

Thomas Foss is likable

But hey, the interview definitely added to the impression that Thomas Foss is a likeable guy and a good face of the franchise. Plus he is really great at selling the game’s advantages and atmosphere. It doesn’t seem that he just wants to get into the wallet of players by the way, but is genuinely confident in their product.

He apparently also was at Wizards of the Coast to talk some managing stuff. We know there is a constant contact to sync upcoming storylines and such. So this could potentially be related to something way in the future or even just an informal exchange.

Anyway, it’s good he used the trip to get on air. It’s a natural fit.

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