Neverwinter Makes’s List of Best MMOs of 2018 so Far

We all like good toplists and we all like Neverwinter. So a recent article by MMO website will probably please you as it is a toplist and contains Neverwinter! In their annual list of best MMOs of the year so far, our little game is mentioned right at the top. Albeit not a ranking but an unsorted list, it’s a nice honor to be mentioned alongside powerhouses like Guild Wars 2, Warframe, and World of Warcraft.

Before you get too excited though we have to put this into context a little bit. The coverage of Neverwinter normally does not extend beyond posting basic game news, occasional interviews, and press releases. They basically do free advertising for Perfect World and get giveaway codes in return. So we would doubt that they even play the game, much less are able to compare it in-depth with other titles. So it’s very much a generic post that isn’t based on much research, as the explanation for Neverwinter’s inclusion in the toplist clearly shows:

[su_quote]Cryptic’s D&D action MMORPG has been doing stellar these last months, with well-received console ports that continue to pull players and the most recent Ravenloft expansion. She ain’t perfect, but Perfect World, Wizards of the Coast, and Cryptic have been really pouring their hearts into the game and it shows.[/su_quote]

It’s correct that Ravenloft is well-received, but the rest certainly feels like something your could write for any title. But hey, it’s always great to see that the game gets exposure on a major MMO site, right?

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