Neverwinter to Dedicate Tuesday’s Console Maintenance Stream to KodeReader

For Nevewinter’s community, especially us content creators, the year probably couldn’t have started worse. We’re still absolutely shocked by the sudden passing of fellow Twitch streamer and class act KodeReader. As devastating as this was, it was also great to see the community coming together, sharing stories, and remembering Kode as a helpful and kind player of the game. Our site did go silent for 24 hours, and we’ve exchanged a lot of memories with other peers during the last weeks. You often see what you’re made of (in this case as community) in times of struggle, and we’re confident that we’ll ultimately be able to heal and grow.

Kode never became a “major” streamer by Twitch standards. But with his dedication for Neverwinter (he had been around since launch) and regular streaming he was able to entertain 30-50 viewers with a game that sometimes has trouble averaging over a 100. He was very much one of the faces of the Neverwinter Twitch community. That’s why it’s nice to see the game itself now also honoring KodeReader by dedicating Tuesday’s official console maintenance stream to him. The shout-out is more than deserved!

Let’s all use the stream as another chance to get together and pay tribute to KodeReader!

It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.

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