Neverwinter Uncensored Site Vacation

Before things get really hot with the new module release in July, we take a deep breath and a short break until next week! The blog and social accounts will shut down and we’ll be back with the Community Watch next Sunday! Answering e-mails and messages will be a bit slower than usual as well.

On our way to #1

As always this is a good time to quickly reflect on the things we have achieved and our future plans. The site still grows with every module and we’re really happy to see that we are slowly catching up with the official Neverwinter subreddit in terms of user numbers. Although it’s more of a symbolic figure, it’s an amazing accomplishment and confirms we are on the right track with what we’re doing here. We feel Neverwinter:Uncensored in its entirety has developed into the #1 source for all sorts of guides and information.


One area which is still lacking are builds. We feel that the game has a sufficient source in, but would still like to offer our users some guidance as it might be hard to crawl through the amount of available builds and fight the right (or best) one for specific purposes.


In recent months it got evident that currently maintaining the Toolbase does not allow for much additions. We have a lot of stuff we would like to do, just not the time. Our main focus is to keep the current set of tools up-to-date and running and go from there. Especially the feedback and help we get with the Character Simulator is amazing! Keep the bugs and suggestions coming guys!


A few weeks ago we’ve set up our own Discord and are very pleased with it. It’s well populated and currently serves as link between platforms and is a basis to all sorts of discussions around the game. We’d like to extend its usefulness in the future and already have some ideas lined up.


Additionally we definitely want to set up some sort of regular giveaway on the site. The details are not yet set, but a monthly giveaway of lockbox items seems most likely. We’ll keep you guys posted!

That’s our little update on what’s going on around Uncensored!Thanks for your continued support and we’ll see next week! In the meantime, keep the discussions around the game coming in the comments below or on our message board!


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via or check the forum.

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  • June 25, 2017 at 9:22 am

    This amazing website of yours does not need a cheap trick like giveaways, and it might attract the wrong crowd

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