Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase v1.0.1 Changes

Yesterday we uploaded the first update of our Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase and we’d like to take a second to preview the new features and changes here. First and foremost, the page is now reachable over the secure https protocol and we encourage users to adjust their links to the blog and forum. All our external scripts and extensions have also been adjusted to use https where applicable and so tooltips should now also work on secured sites like the Neverwinter Reddit. Therefore the latest version of our tooltips.user.js includes the subreddit by default.

We added additional tools and data pages to the sections we already have. The Auction House Data has gotten a new page that shows the latest known prices of tracked items, single item pages now include the last 500 posted auctions and by clicking on sellers you can review their latest activity.

Enchantment Tool
Enchantment Tool

Additionally we’ve added the popular Enchantments Buy vs. Make again, that lets you run almost every scenario when it comes to upgrading or reselling Runestones and Enchantments. Players can primarily gather two informations from the tool: How much does going from one rank to another cost and whether it’s better to do everything by hand or buy from the Auction House. The percentages in the table show the amount of ADs saved by manually upgrading enchantments vs. buying them. Light green rows indicate savings of up to 10%, dark green rows more than 10%. In case you have some of the necessary stuff, you can exclude cost of RPs, Marks and the enchant you’re starting from. Sellers can use the same numbers to weight the cost of making enchants against the market price using the AH cut switch. Users that want a more stable forecast also have the option to use a 10-day average as basis for the calculation rather than the latest prices.

Gear Layouts
Gear Layouts

The Ratings Simulator received a big update as well and now allows to manage multiple gear layouts for one character. This enables you to save and switch between different gear for group play, solo adventures, PVP or add a low-budget version to your guides. The tool now also allows you to toogle the conditional set bonus from the Dusk Armor set and manage stat stacks of the Twisted Weapon sets and the new Module 8 Rings.

We hope you’ll enjoy the updates and be sure to provide feedback in the corresponding threads!


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