Neverwinter Weekender: Ravenloft Issues Get Patched

weekenderlogoThe Neverwinter Weekender is our weekly column that contains everything you need to know to have some fun along the Sword Coast on the weekends! We’ll inform you guys about the events across all platforms, preview and review them as well as hand out some tips and guides. This is the perfect spot to start off your adventures!

The big focus for the devs heading into this weekend was getting a quick patch in for the Ravenloft launch issues that popped up. Seems like they were successful as the server was briefly down earlier today to fix some stuff. Also running on the PC is a Double Experience weekend. So this is your chance to quickly burst to level 70 and enjoy the latest Ravenloft content, or bring up some alternate characters. On top of that the ZEN services category is discounted by 20%.

Console players are not challenged by Strahd just yet, but can at least impress the gods in the Challenge of the Gods event (guide!). It might also be a challenging weekend for Demogorgon as a Double Underdark event might bring more adventurers to his trial than normally. Last but not least, ZEN mounts get 25% off.

We hope you guys will enjoy the weekend with our overview! In case you have any questions or remarks, make sure to put them in the comments or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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2 thoughts on “Neverwinter Weekender: Ravenloft Issues Get Patched

  • June 29, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    What is the item level for Ravenloft? Can fresh level 70s realistically do it? Hmm, maybe I could…

    One of my characters tried out the new Advanced queue, just because he could and to see what it was like. He is a DC, but not my best and with Drowned weapons,m but Trans and rank 11 and 12 enchants. I have never done most of those dungeons before, just Demogorgon (Master).

    2 hour FBI run, from 1 hour before daily reset to 1 hour after! The first team quit as the GF Tank wasn’t up to it, despite reslotting according to the TR’s advice, and the first two bosses were killed by two 13-14k TRs while we were at camp-fire, but they could not Tank the Dragon Turtle. Hati one-shotted me 3 times when it appeared, probably because I did not dodge when it roared?

    So I stood there alone for a little while and a new team came in. With good advice and baby-sitting, we finished it from the turtle! And I got three new friends and a Guild invite!

    It was the most fun I have had for AGES in that game. It was like the old Epic Dread Vault in Mod 2, where people taught me how to do it, then I taught others. I picked it up quite quickly with the CW and OP’s advice. So I really think I may very well bring my best two DCs out of retirement and stop with the Alt-aholicism. And it was so good to see semi-BIS players who were not elitist A-Holes desperate for a Speed Run.


    There were a few more bugs than the ones you mentioned in the other blog article. Microstutter is one of the worst for me. I hope that’s gone.

    Also Mount Prosperity Insignia don’t grant XP bonus (at least on on the character sheet) and I can accept the SH Random Skirmish quest but he still has it to give and it doesn’t go in my Journal. I think they were supposed to be replaced by “Doing Your Part”.

    Keep up the Good Work!

  • June 29, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Oh, with 10% VIP and 50% Invoking AD bonus, I got

    15,000 rAD Beginner
    20,700 rAD Intermediate
    30,375 rAD Advanced

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