Bag of Tricks Vol. 93: Queue Into Different Roles With a Paladin

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Welcome to the latest installment of our Bag of Tricks! On some days you will find useful tricks, gimmicks and ideas here that can make life in Neverwinter Online easier. Some of the stuff should be well known, but since even veterans learn something new every now and then, chance is you can, too.

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The Oathbound Paladin is a pretty unique class when it comes to roles and queues. As you know the random queue system enforces a specific setup consisting of a tank, healer, and three DPS. Depending on its Paragon Path, the Pally can either be a tank (Protection) or a healer (Devotion). In fact however, you can also queue in as DPS role in case you haven’t picked any Paragon Path at all. That’s especially helpful since Neverwinter’s meta compositions are currently based on four support type builds and only one DPS. Hence any party entering the random queues has to field a less than optimal setup.

Using a loadout that has no Paragon Path selected, you can at least bring a Guardian Fighter (tank), Devoted Cleric (healer), and a Paladin (“DPS”). Round out your group with a MoF or Temptation buffer and you have a pretty potent setup for any dungeon inside the random queue. Of course the Oathbound Paladin, once inside, should then switch to its main loadout again.

We’re sure this isn’t really intended and a side effect of the Paladin’s unique mechanic of being able to fill multiple roles depending on its spec. But as long as it’s not fixed, it makes the Advanced and Expert Queue a little bit less painful to run.

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