Neverwinter Year in Review: April, May and June

To start off 2017 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, continuing with April, May and June today. The other quarters can be found here: January-March, July-September and October-December.


To start off the month some readers were fooled by our joke about Artifact Consumables. Less funny was the fact that the month came with no less than two game-braking glitches. First the newly introduced Demon Lords Artifact set decided to one-shot everything and then Clerics were able to get infinite amounts of power due to a broken feat interaction.

In their ongoing task to limit bots the devs nerfed skill nodes. Additionally Sharpdge uncovered a 25% damage nerf vs. level 73 mobs.

At NWO:Unblogged the rage about the State of the Game post by Rob Overmeyer continued, JayAgeDee started his demo and map features and j0Shi the series about how to maximize farming using alternate characters. The Day of the Dungeonmaster lasted for the whole month while we were already looking ahead to the upcoming Jubilee and Summer Event.


Siege of Neverwinter BannerApril showers bring May flowers? Maybe not so much on the Sword Coast as the Paranoid Delusion companion was able to overstack Bonding procs and lined up to be the third exploit within a few weeks. The Xbox however was excited to receive the Maze Engine. With the arrival of the latest module, Indy of LGPG looked back at their Stronghold progression. Speaking of new content the road to Alliances officially started.

The Siege of Neverwinter event brought a new enchantment that was too good to be true and beckylunatic hit 10,000 posts on Arcgames. Unlogged started its series about the Combat Parser before going into an extended holiday. We came back at the end of the month with exclusive information on new items and the Firemane Lockbox.


The month of June was truly packed! Neverwinter was announced for the PS4 alongside a Head Start Pack. Throughout the month the console achievements would also leak.

Alliances BannerOn PC the first alliances took shape anticipating the actual update, which then unfortunately launched without the core feature working correctly. The focus on guilds was also represented in the Siege of Neverwinter, which delivered a massive boost to Strongholds with the newly introduced voucher drops. The reign of the Quartermaster Enchant didn’t last as long however. First it got an internal cooldown and at the end of the month the drops would no longer be unbound. With Alliances the Bonding mechanic was reworked and we looked at Companion choices after the change. It was also time to recap the Maze Engine module.

The Siege event was already great, but that was nothing compared to the massive birthday party of Lord Neverember! The Jubilee featured countless discounts and massive money-making opportunities. For players it might even have been the best event up to this day.

It wasn’t all fine and dandy in June though. The Russian Drider increased its maximum ZEN exchange rate to 1,000, the grind was already real and the foundry was dropped as game feature on the official website. The E3 also returned little to no news for the franchise.

That’s our review for the second quarter of 2016! In case you want to add something or have a general comment, share it below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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