New Class Booster and Key Packs, Event Additions in Preview Patches

We’re back from our short break and restarting in style with a strong datamining update from the preview server.

Class Booster Packs

With Maze Engine: Alliances, that is set to be released in eight days, the devs will complete the collection of Class Booster Packs and gradually introduce one for the Great Weapon Fighter, Devoted Cleric and Guardian Fighter.

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Next to the transmutes the included companions are of most interest, especially because the new Bonding mechanic will enable you to freely choose companions as everyone should perform the same. The Cleric’s Deva Companion enhances outgoing and incoming healing and has the ability to shield the party from damage as well as lowering the damage from attacked foes. The GWF’s Boar has a very interesting active bonus that increases damage by 5% against marked targets at epic level (all companions are blue). The pet itself can also mark targets with one of its attacks and it’s going to be interesting to see whether it’s the same type of Mark GWFs and GFs dish out or a separate debuff. The GF’s Werewolf adds Life Steal Severity to its master and can temporarily take over enemies by biting them and turning them into Werewolfs. It’s a funny effect (open world PVP?), but probably not as useful to most.

Enchanted Key Insignia Pack

Insignia_KeysThe 20-pack of Enchanted Keys will get another partner that is set to replace the Void Locket. You will get bonus Insignias with every purchase. Unfortunately we don’t have more specific information about the type at this point, but looking at previous promotions it should be Insignias or a specific Insignia that you won’t be able to get somewhere else.

Firemane Lockbox

It seems like the new lockbox has fully been finalized with the latest patches. The usual blue Enchantment, Artifact, Professions Packs, Trade Bar Jackpot and Artifact Weapon Pack are accompanied by a new Stronghold Pack. The icons suggest that the Artifact Pack contains the Black Ice Beholder and Lantern Artifacts, the Enchantment Pack the Negation and Terror as well as the Demonic Enchantments. The Lockbox_Firemanelegendary prize is either the pictured Celestial Lion Mount or a Legendary Insignia Pack, the epic prize a Celestial Lion Companion or an Epic Insignia Pack that should be dropping other Insignia types than the ones from the Shaundakul Lockbox. The introduction of legendary Insignias is certainly disturbing, but it was probably only a matter of time anyway. The mount and the pet can already be looked up in the preview collection and both come with the Radiant Weapon damage buff that we have already previewed in April.


Promo_Mysterious_Crystal_ChargerThe amount of new stuff added to the Summer Festival is amazing. There’s tons of costumes for NPCs, new Fashion sets and items and a new Promo Charger Horse. The mount could be given away in a raffle similar to previous editions, in which the Priestess of Sune could be obtained.

The Protector’s Jubilee received a change in its Gift mechanic. You no longer need to target a party member to spread Gifts, but automatically share the Protector’s Hospitality with nearby adventurers. No more gift parties fellas! If the sharing is uncapped, watch out for large groups of players within the Enclave and Alliance Strongholds.

Other event related additions that can’t clearly be connected to a specific one are a full new transmute set for weapons and a new Artifact “Globe of the Third Eye”. Just like the Halloween Mask it can only be refined to purple quality and doesn’t come with a power.

We’re also not quite sure about a new healing and buffing Intern Companion that gives Hit Points as active bonus. It makes thematic sense in the context of the Portobello campaign, but since it’s long over it might be something that simply wasn’t quite done in time. So they’re getting it into the build now, but at least on PC we won’t see it for nearly a year.


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2 thoughts on “New Class Booster and Key Packs, Event Additions in Preview Patches

  • May 30, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    New lockbox seems to be removed from ptr. Havent found anything in collections and killed half of wod mobs without dropping single lockbox.

    • May 31, 2016 at 4:33 am

      I don’t think they are actually dropping on the PTS. They are included in the build, but not activated.

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