PC Calendar Reveals first Edition of Tales of Old Event

The Tales of Old event format is one of the more anticipated features of Neverwinter’s Module 15. It’s an endgame speed run format that brings back old dungeons one at a time. We’ve already datamined much of the info about the event structure during the Mod 15 preview days. But thanks to the calendar on the PC, we now have some additional information and a definite date for the first run.

Tales of Old Runs for a Week

Tales of Old will be a week-long event in which players enter a specific dungeon that they have to beat as often as possible within a certain time and death limit. You probably have experienced the K-Team Challenge by now, in which the team cannot die at all. Tales of Old will be a little bit more forgiving in giving your team more lives, but you obviously also have to beat the content repeatedly. The description makes clear that you have to be decisive. Failing to complete a dungeon within these limits will result in getting no event currency at all.

To make tings a little bit more interesting, the dungeon gets harder with every run. These difficulty increases are called “Embellishments” and can be found in our initial piece on the event. Since there are five, it feels like this might be the maximum possible amounts of completions per run. But maybe teams can also choose to run the hardest level multiple times for more rewards if their time and death counter allows it. One thing the description does not mention, but will absolutely be part of the event, are the power-ups. Teams can collect additional lives and time limit extensions within the dungeons. Lead Designer Thomas Foss hinted that these power-ups require exploring the content and that rushing through isn’t be the best way to go about it.

Item Level Scaling

One new bit of information that the descriptions reveals is item level scaling. 16,000 is optimal for the event, but lower level players will get scaled up. Reading this and knowing the scaling mechanism you shouldn’t however expect to be as powerful as a player that naturally features 16,000 item level. We’ll see, but this at least enables all level 70 players to somewhat participate in the event.

There are two types of rewards. One store sells stuff for the “Coins of Tales Told”. Players will probably be most interested in the “Shiny Coin Enchantment”, which gives an interesting bonus “reward modifier” in utility slots. We’re not sure whether this will only apply to the Tales of Old event or generally upgrades loot. But it’s definitely something new. Also new is the “Envenomed Storyteller’s Journal”. It’s an Artifact that gets stronger the more “tales” you add to it. We assume this is done by participating in multiple Tales of Old events.

Tales of Old Inaugural Season

Which brings us to the second type of rewards. Once players have earned 135 Coins of Tales Told, they are granted a “Fabled Chapter”. You can only earn one per event and character and buy powerful artifact gear for it. This seems to be in line with the new Call-to-Arms season, in which players over multiple installments can earn artifact weapons. The gear features some quite strong set bonuses that you can look up here.

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Overall the presented information is not shockingly new, at least if you follow Unblogged regularly. But it’s definitely time to get hyped up for that February 14th. Popular streamer KaliGold even labelled it the most important event of Neverwinter’s history. Given how long we’ve waited the old dungeons to come back, it’s certainly no understatement. Let’s just hope this turns out to be as much fun and challenge as the description and little spoilers indicate.

Are you looking forward to the event format or do you fear it’ll become “just another grind”? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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