Beholder Tank And Paranoid Delusion Soon To Be Added To ZEN Store

Today the Day of the Dungeon Master has arrived as month-long extension of the well known and fan-favorite Respen’s Marvelous Game. While others already dig into the new campaign and fun activities, our guys in the background instead crawled through the game files once again and reported two new ZEN store items that will be introduced at some point during the event.

The first one is the storied Beholder Tank, which received ZEN market artwork and looks to indeed be the first legendary pet to be available for the real money currency. No guarantees this time folks though, as we’ve been already wrong once in spreading word that the mount will not be hitting the ZEN market (oops?). Could also be the devs simply changed their mind about how the Mount can be acquired.

Paranoid Delusion
Paranoid Delusion

The other item is a Paranoid Delusion VIP Package that could mimic what they have started doing with Enchanted Keys. Buy months of VIP and get something else. In this case the purple companion that increases damage against rooted, disabled, held, or prone targets by 3%. The flavor text and strings we found also suggest the companion uses a different set of powers based on the owner’s character class.

Both items are already in the live collection, so we’re confident they are introduced soon.


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  • March 31, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    this is interesting, cant wait to see what comes of it

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