Module 10 Will Introduce Artifact Consumables (April Fools’)

This was our contribution to April Fools’ Day 2016. Hope you enjoyed it!

Neverwinter April Fools

Our dataminers already reported yesterday that the coming weeks will probably feature new ZEN market additions in the Beholder Tank and Paranoid Delusion. It turned out that these were not the only astonishing discoveries as the devs also included files and strings that hint at a new refine-ish mechanic centered around consumables.

The term ‘Artifact Consumables’ is made up by us, because at this point we can’t quite make sense of the information that the game files offer. There are no new icons yet, but the consumable folder structure in the texture library has been updated and received several empty subfolders named ‘Consumablefood’. Internally the term food can stand for refining stones, the Peridot is ‘Gemfood_R2’.

Furthermore some strings have been added to the english localization that are similar to those of the current refinement UI.

New Strings
Uidef.Autodesc.Cooking_M10_Slot: Fill next empty oven.
Uidef.Autodesc.Cooking_M10_Hint: Put lesser Vegetables, Crop or Fruits into this slot. They will be consumed in the process.
Current Refining Strings
Current refining strings

We’re not sure whether ‘cooking’ could also refer to a brand-new profession. Maybe it’s even a combination of the refining mechanic and professions. The game strings also lead to the conclusion that created items are of one-time use, hence a consumable. Other than the current refining mechanic though it seems that there is no cap on how much food you can stuff into your oven. It seems you are going to pick a recipe and add all the stuff you have. The more ingredients (= RP) you add, the stronger the result.

New Strings
Powerdef.Autodesc.Cooking_M10_Applejuice: Grants you an increase of {p.m[x].magnitude}% to your Maximum Hit Points for {p.m[x].duration} seconds. This effect persists through death.

As you can see, both the actual bonus and the duration can be enhanced and it’s worth noting that this seems to be the first set of consumables that offers a percentage increase. Speculations behind the scenes are running wild, because one particular dataminer is convinced you can create superfood with 300% boost upwards that lasts for 24 hours and could dramatically alter the gameplay in both PVE and PVP.

Another minor hint is the ‘activities.bin’ file that contains tags for various things that are turned on or turned off at any given time on the server. It lists a new ‘Neverwinter_M10_Food_Double_Promo’, which could be a double weekend for food refinement or a general promo to start off the new system.

Of course all of this is still very raw and actually the first mention of module 10 we’ve come across. We’re however convinced some sort of cooking/profession/refinement system will be introduced in the next expansion.

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4 thoughts on “Module 10 Will Introduce Artifact Consumables (April Fools’)

  • Avatar
    April 1, 2016 at 8:33 am

    This sounds like the makings of an Artifact for the summer event, whereby consumables are used as RP. Possibly. Whatever it is, it’s a welcome addition. This game will surely benefit from a crafting mechanic beyond what is offered via professions.

  • Avatar
    April 1, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    In any other game I’d say “wow thats so fucked up, it must be an april’s fool joke”
    In NW i aint that sure


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