Swords of Chult Preview: Lockbox of the Lost

A new update always comes with a new lockbox, and Swords of Chult is not different. This time it’s called “Lockbox of the Lost” and adds some Arabian flavor to the jungle. It’s also the first lockbox released under the new refinement system. So some stuff has naturally been tweaked a little. In this article we are going through the drops and preview what you guys can expect.

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Blue Drops

As always the blue drops are already on preview as part of Resurgence. So I was able to open a few and have already added the results to our RNG tool. These are the new blue drops:

Both the new Ultimate Enchanting Stone and Ultimate Mark of Potency drop rates are pretty low at 0.80%. Plus Wards have been scratched from the Enchantment Pack again. Not sure this is just a case of mixing it up or because the Warded Enchantment Pack wasn’t that well received. It however means that you should get more RPs out of the Enchantment Pack overall. Black Opals drop even more frequently and the devs added new stones with up to 100,000 RP (1,000,000 under the old system).

Players might also be after the Artifact Pack. It drops the strong debuffing Soul Sight Crystal, a lockbox exclusive for now. Also worth mentioning is that the Stronghold Pack drops new Chult themed interior for your Guild Hall.

Arabian Nights

The Lockbox of the Lost brings Arabian flavor to the jungle with its epic drops. Both the Carpet of Flying and the Legendary Carpet of Flying could quickly become fan-favorites due to their unique look and especially in case the passenger feature rumor turns out to be true. The “Savage Allosaur” companion features a variety of control abilities, but probably will have a hard time competing in the current debuff heavy meta.

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Overall the Lockbox of the Lost should be a solid lockbox with a potential unique reward in its legendary tier. Unfortunately the drop rates won’t help players too much in their race to R14. Especially in terms of Ultimate Enchanting Stones we should cross our fingers that they drop from Tomb of the Nine Gods at a decent rate.

What’s your take on the latest lockbox? Do you like the rewards? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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  • October 4, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    DCs buff to much so lets release a arti that ups damage by 30%

  • October 5, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    No profession pack? 🙁

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