Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Trophies

One of the more innovative features of Neverwinter’s latest module “Tomb of Annihilation” is Hunting in Soshenstar River. But as cool as it might be, players are also having trouble understanding how it exactly works. Some already struggle to complete the introductory “A Little Research” quest, and it’s even harder to figure out all the mobs that drop Trophies and where to place lures. That’s why we start going through the feature in-depth today and will deliver all the resources you need for your Hunting experience. Also make sure to check out our preview post, which describes the feature in general, and Garlaanx’s in-depth video series about Hunting!

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Any Hunt starts with Trophies from so called rare spawns. Some mobs in Soshenstar River have the chance to re-spawn as a rare version, which then has a chance to drop a Trophy.

  • Chultan Tiger -> Smilodon -> Smilodon Tooth
  • Undead -> Rotting Ogre -> Rotting Ogre’s Femur
  • Batiri -> Batiri Brave -> Batiri Brave’s Trinket
  • Deinonychus -> Eotyrannus -> Eotyrannus Talon
  • Crabs -> Bigclaw -> Bigclaw’s Pincer
  • Scorpion -> Venomtail -> Venomtail Poison
  • Tyrannosaur -> Tyrannosaurus Rex -> Tyrannosaurus Fang

Mobs that don’t have a chance to spawn a rare version or are otherwise unrelated to Hunting are Thayans, Bears, Lions, Velociraptors, Compys, Tarantulas and Allosaurs.

The following map shows the locations where rare mobs have a chance to spawn. If you’re looking for a specific Trophy, you’ll have to cycle the map, kill the regular mobs and hope that a rare one eventually appears. Any player, grouped or solo, that damages a rare mob has a chance of earning a Trophy.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

While you probably will get Trophies from other rare mobs over time, the Tyrannosaurus Rex presents a different challenge. Depending on your power you might need to tackle that big baddie with a group. And as a rare version of the regular Tyrannosaurus with only two spawn locations, it appears very infrequently. So infrequently that those looking for a Fang might get invited to an instance by a player that mixed up the regular version with the Rex. It’s very annoying, but understandable that folks stumbling across a Tyrannosaurus think they might have found something special.

In very rare cases you’ll also get a “King of Spines” Heroic Encounter invite if you lfg for a T-Rex. But that was primarily an issue on the very first days of the module and shouldn’t happen too often. Can’t hurt though to add to your request that you’re not looking for “KOS”.

Alternate Sources for Trophies

There are some alternate sources for Trophies as well. The mentioned “King of Spines” Heroic Encounter has a chance to drop a Tyrannosaurus Fang and Fishing in Soshenstar River can also land you Trophies. Whenever there’s no roman number in the action bar indicating the tier of fish you’re about to catch, you’ll either reel in a piece of Salvage, Chult Profession Resource or a Trophy. In case you really only want to target Trophies, you can once again cancel the reel whenever you have a fish on your hook and speed up the process a little bit. Other than in Sea of Moving Ice the bait costs AD or campaign currency this time however, and hence is more of an investment.

A Little Research

Trophies are also connected to the mentioned introductory quest “A Little Research”, because you need to find one of the rare spawns and get a trophy to complete it. Some players just randomly slay mobs, get a trophy and eventually resolve the quest, probably not even knowing why. But with our map you can now specifically farm the right locations.

Group Mechanics

Hunting for Trophies in groups isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Since patch NW.85.20170711B.10 generally all players that touch a mob have a chance at a Trophy drop. While this means that more than one Trophy can drop per kill, these are shared according to the party loot mode, which is normally need/greed. If you want a round-robin system, you need to communicate that and distribute the Trophies manually.

The one exception is the T-Rex. Its Fangs are personal loot and if you see one on the ground it’s yours no matter whether you’re grouped or not. In groups however sometimes only one Fang drops for the player that did the most damage to the T-Rex. The reports on this are inconclusive. Some say it’s dependent on the loot mode of the party, but the safest way is to use queue groups instead. That way you can still organize and everyone gets their Fang.

Not Really Unique

It’s also worth mentioning that while you can only ever hold one type of Trophy in your inventory, it’s possible to mail them to yourself or put them into the bank. That way you can indeed farm multiple Trophies of the same type although they are technically “unique”.

*** UPDATE *** This changed with Module 13. Look up the info is here.

What’s your take on Hunting? Do you have fun farming for Trophies or is it too much of a time investment? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    If you place your unique item in your bank, it will still count as if you own it. You need to move it to your sharing bank account, at least, for it to work

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