Twitch Streamer Spotlight: KodeReader

[blog_subscription_form]In our spotlight series, we want to highlight content creators, theorycrafters, and other known faces of the Neverwinter community. Today we are starting with KodeReader, who regularly streams the game on Twitch. Next to sharing as much personal information as he liked, he answered some general questions about his D&D, Neverwinter and gaming career. Have fun reading through!


  • Name: David Polsky
  • Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • Age: 59
  • Nickname: KodeReader
  • Platform: PC
  • Content-Type: Twitch
  • Handle: @The_Coldcanuk
  • Classes: CW, DC, TR
  • Guild / Alliance: NWLC Alpha

What Do You like / Dislike About Covering Neverwinter and Its Community?

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I wish they would give us answers, even if the answer is NO rather than leave us feeling like we are being ignored by not saying anything… The lack of support for the streaming community is disappointing to say the least. The open animosity of the Community Manager to certain streamers, which seems to color her opinion of all streamers, is a slap in the face for the people that have carried the game’s banner on Twitch for over a year since they have all but abandoned streaming. They have created an US vs Them mentality and it is harmful to the community and the game as a whole.

History of Your Gaming, D&D, Neverwinter Career

Not a gamer per se. More an old computer geek that likes to play games. I play NW because I like the game. I looked for a D&D style game as I played a very little bit of tabletop many years ago and was just looking for something to do.

Your History, Goals and Thoughts About Creating Content for Neverwinter

Worked with the creator of an online game, very simple, turn based game programmed in Java. The creator was one of the lead programmers on SimCity 2000 so learned a lot about how gaming structure worked and how to put things together. Was a volunteer content creator for about two years with the game. I was responsible for seven locations and bosses being added while working with the game

What Do You like / Dislike About Neverwinter and Its Community as a Player?

Lack of pertinent and relevant content. Un-scalable content that becomes dead code and redundant in 60-120 days, leaving new people joining the game with little help leveling their characters because there is absolutely no reason a lvl 70 should be going that far backwards to help out. Overall the game is very playable and easy to learn. Lots of content for new players with almost nothing or very little offered to those that have reach the so called end game. Any new content becomes irrelevant, redundant and too easy way too soon after it’s released and becomes even more dead code.

Are There Other Guys You’d Personally like to See Featured Here?

FNHUSA57 – Streams overnight (US). Very large content creator for the game on Youtube. Helpful and knowledgeable.
AlsRandomKill – Variety Streamer. Very helpful, knowledgeable streamer.

KodeReader also included KaliGold here, but it’s our understanding that he no longer actively streams the game.

Anything Else You’d like to Add?

If you want to know anything in specific, just ask.

We happily forward this request to our audience! Do you want to ask KodeReader anything? Share your thoughts and questions on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board! Also make sure to stop by Kode’s channel on Twitch when he’s online!

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