Unblogged’s New Main Menu Features More Info and Resources Than Ever Before

Hey guys!

Today we are proud to announce that we’ve fully revamped the main menu on the Unblogged website. It now features more of the info and resources that you might be interested in when playing the game. And it’s looks good! With the changes, the main menu finally serves the purpose it was originally intended to do. It’s a shortcut to our most relevant info, articles and hubs. Neverwinter Unblogged, and its new main menu, should be your #1 destination to find what you are looking for! It works complementary to our blog magazine theme, which is great of giving an overview of our most recent activity across different categories.

With the change also a few practical issue were tackled. With a strict horizontal layout, the guild menu started to outgrow itself. Now all guilds should again be visible on all screens and media devices, and there’s even room for a bunch more. So let’s team up and get your guild listed! We also have grouped some items more logically and hope you like it. We definitely feel that the menu now contains much more stuff, and with that is much more useful.

Class Hubs Are Coming

Class HUB Logo

One associated area we’d like to tackle in the near future are class hubs. The game has a dedicated community that’s constantly pumping out guides, theorycrafting and suggestions. While that’s absolutely great, we feel that the amount of available information can be overwhelming (like on mmominds.com) or hard to find (buried on the Arcgames class forums or Subreddit). So how do you figure out which builds are the best, and updated? And how do you dig out true gems without monitoring different sites all the time?

Well… our class hubs are going to answer all your questions. They’re a running list of builds, resources and other class related information that’s constantly maintained and updated. We are already working with the experts behind the scenes to bring you the best available stuff, and are aiming at releasing the hub for the Devoted Cleric in the next days.

So stay tuned and have fun with our new main menu in the meantime!

Neverwinter UN:Blogged is always looking for writers to contribute to the blog. If you are an active player and search for a way to spread your opinions, analysis, diaries or reviews to more than 40,000 regular visitors, then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us on our contact page or message board! We are currently especially looking for console and PVP content, but that’s not exclusive. There is no frequency requirement, you post how often you want.


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via blog@nwo-uncensored.com or check the forum.

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  • November 22, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Very cool! Love the idea of the Class Hub. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • November 22, 2017 at 12:38 pm

      Glad you like it!

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