Vigilance Task Heroic Encounter Infinity Bug

We recently received info about a minor bug surrounding the quest ‘Bannermen Forever!‘. It looks like the Vigilance Task located in Reclamation Rock lives up to its name a bit too much as the Heroic Encounter that’s part of the quest can be triggered and farmed indefinitely.

Apparently the quest is not completed if the HE is triggered by the ‘Bannerman’ but completed by someone else. The bug seems to be relatively unknown on the international Dragon server, but a random video on Youtube shows it’s heavily exploited on the Russian Drider server. You see one player repeatedly trigger the Encounter by placing the banner on the designated spot. He or she also appears to be moving out of the HE radius after hitting the mobs once or twice. That’s probably done to receive a reward, but not to complete the quest.

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The same user has a full series of videos up that show players gathering and farming the spot.


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