PSA: You Cannot Play a Druid Level 76 in Neverwinter


To start off this article we’d like to say that we really appreciate anyone who is covering Neverwinter. The game doesn’t get that much attention on the major news outlets because, well, we’re a small game. The more annoying it becomes when articles appear to be neither well researched or thought through. Last week we stumbled upon two of those and at least one actually caused minor confusion within the community. That’s why we feel the need to step in and set the record straight!

Level 76?

The first article on VentureBeat covers Neverwinter’s 5-year anniversary. It’s a classic news article that doesn’t contain too much actual information. The more amazing it is that two facts that the article is referring to are wrong. The author claims he’s playing a level 76 Scourge Warlock on the PS4 and forgets to include the Hunter Rangers in the list of added classes since the launch. The first one is probably a typo, but the latter just a lack of knowledge and research. Albeit minor we’ve contacted the author and hinted at the errors, but so far the article hasn’t been revised. So in case you were wondering: No, there hasn’t been a level cap raise on the PlayStation. And yes, we did actually get a request about that!

By the way: For whatever reason a post mocking the article on the subreddit was locked by moderation. It doesn’t really violate any rules, but we assume that the article getting some official support was enough to trash the thread. The subreddit likes to actively suppresses any negative publicity, even if it’s justified.

Druid Class Coming With Ravenloft?

The VentureBeat article at least didn’t create as much of an upraor as another piece by MMOGames. The site went out and announced the druid class for Module 14 based on some concept art posted on the official Neverwinter Twitter account.

[su_quote]The image was accompanied by the words “What manner of creatures stalk the wilds of these cursed lands?”, which might indicate that the Druid class is going to be part of the upcoming Ravenloft module, which is just chock full of cursed lands. Unfortunately, that’s the only information that is available as of right now, so we’ll just have to ponder what the Neverwinter Druid class will be capable of. Looking at the image a bit closer, it would seem that the class is capable of shapeshifting into some sort of tree creature, which would certainly fit with the archetypal fantasy Druid. Once there’s more information, we’ll be sure to report in.[/su_quote]

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Ok so the image says “druid”, and there’s a druid class in Dungeons & Dragons. It’s not too far-fetched to connect some dots here unless you’ve actually played the Ravenloft module on preview and know what the concept art was really about. It’s simply a card of the Tarokka deck that the game introduced in Module 14. At this point the game files include zero assets for a playable druid, and during the maintenance stream Community Manager Julia reiterated that there are no immediate plans to introduce a class.

Even if you’re not too deep into Neverwinter, just a tiny bit of research would have shown that the game’s Twitter account had been putting out comparable concept art for days now. They were just promoting the Ravenloft launch. Oh and by the way: There’s also a Tarokka card named “Monk”. What would have happened if Neverwinter decided to publish that concept art as well…?

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