Maintenance Stream Summary

On Tuesday Community Manager Julia “nitocris83” hosted an hour-long stream during the console maintenance. Although it was mainly meant to kill a little time and entertain people until the launch of Neverwinter’s “Lost City of Omu”, a couple devs stopped by and shared minor information about upcoming stuff. It wasn’t much, but we’d still like to do a little recap on the most important things that they touched on.

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First of all, thanks to Julia and the others for hosting the stream. As you might know a maintenance stream for PC in February never happened because the devs felt they couldn’t plan ahead accordingly and that an uncertain structure would only lead to negative feedback. Julia touched on that on the very beginning. She said that maintenance streams don’t have a subject to talk about and are mainly there to hang out. It’s always good however to see an official presence for the game on Twitch. Two weeks ago we asked you what would make you show up on Twitch more often, and your top answer indeed was “official streams”. So yeah, anything is appreciated at this point.

Mod 15 Is Not What You’re Expecting

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Besides a lot of giveaways, talk about the stream’s setup, and coffee, there was actually some news. In terms of future content the only thing we really got was a comment of Environment Artist Patrick Poage, who said Mod 15 is “not what you’re expecting”. He jokingly added that Module 14 could be what we expect, but also something very different, like dinosaurs in space. Of course we already know that Module 14 is probably featuring Ravenloft / Curse of Strahd as setting. Other than that, not many spoilers on Tuesday. But Julia rightfully mentioned that they didn’t want to take anything away from the console crowd, which after all were excited to finally see Mod 13 first.

Class Balance and Auto-Loot Companion?

Class balance in the meantime remains to be an ongoing project. They pulled their usual “we’re constantly working on balancing”, but it at least seems that they currently have a designated guy that took over that field of development. The dude is not hard to find by the way. He’s literally going by the username “balanced” on the official message board.

One of the weirder things mentioned was that they are actively looking into an auto-loot companion. It sounded like it’s a requested feature and that they are currently trying to figure out whether something like that is even possible. So if you were somehow waiting for an auto-loot companion, there you go!

Jubilee and Community Event in March

Today’s PVP with the devs might by the way be the last official community event until June. Julia mentioned she will be busy throughout May and that she might not be able to schedule anything similar next month. One reason she’ll be busy is a revamped Jubilee event. There won’t be a new throne item, but the structure of the gifts that they used to hand out throughout the event days has apparently changed. The Community Manager said there is now a cooler way to earn them and that the rewards are niiiiiiiice! So that’s something to look forward to! The game files already contain something called “Anniversary Enchantment Pack”, and the artwork shows legendary enchantments. We kinda doubt at this point that the devs will hand out Rank 13s and above and that this is only a banner, but who knows?

More Stuff We Already Knew

Last but not least there was some more confirmation on stuff that we already knew. First of all UI Artist Jules Norcross shared info on the upcoming sort feature of the Character Select Screen. Unfortunately it’s not a full custom rearrange feature, but there will be tons of ways to sort your characters. You can also tag at least one toon as main that will always stay on top and such. Overall, this will most definitely be useful although the customization might not be as extensive as we hoped it would be.

Then Lead Designer Thomas Foss once again confirmed that toggling enchantment visuals will be a thing in Module 14. It’s a long-standing request by the community that finally will get filled. As Thomas put it:

[su_quote]Yes, that’s pretty sexy. I love our effects, but sometimes our effects don’t love us. And just nice to see all of your cool gear.[/su_quote]

That’s our maintenance stream summary with all the important aspects the devs talked about. Do you have any additions or questions? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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3 thoughts on “Maintenance Stream Summary

  • April 27, 2018 at 10:31 am

    Auto loot companion kinda sounds like a companion that’s a BoT “think some all ready have them” 😀 And when it comes to balance think all this will do is kill off more players each time the devs mes with players characters it just ticks them off and more quit the game. And then there is way to much talk on trying to balance DPS vs Buffs and that’s another mistake if they continues to remove buffs from classes only to add the buffs back to gear. People have friends in game and they prefer to run with the friends they have made if they make it so less buffers are needed in groups that will also cause friends and parties to break up and again players will quit. The devs need to leave the classes alone and work on content to challenge the classes and party comps they have all ready created.

  • April 27, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    About balancing
    # The well called “balanced” Dev in charge, haven’t posted on the forum since 2 February…
    # There is not a clue about a master plan on balacing, therefore there isn’t one…
    It’s sad.

  • April 30, 2018 at 9:07 am

    ORGAN GRINDER MONKEY complete with fez hat, red vest, and tin cup… (to be named Abu by countless Disney fans)
    or a ghostly vacuum cleaner
    or a Chest Mimic

    All companions are technically bots because we have little control over what they do…like their random suicides in Cradle. However, I’d be thrilled to have something to pick up all the spare change, grey vendor garbage, unidentified greens, and gems that scatter every time I take out a mob. Currently, if in a group, I tend to sprint on by it, unless it’s blue or purple and even then it’s normally ignore after a passing thought. However, in solo content, I can’t begin to calculate the amount of time I waste picking up that stuff (my F key hates me) and thanking the time I spent to create a key bind to summon the VIP vendor to clear out my inventory. Implementation would simply be to code that the drops go to inventory rather than ground if the pet is active/summoned like the differentiating code for some of the rp utility enchants.

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