Neverwinter Module 9 To Feature Revamped Castle Never, Mounts And Queue System

As we’ve reported yesterday on our Community Watch, the first Alpha playtest of Neverwinter Module 9 took place on Friday. Based on their prior playtests this could mean the next expansion is about two months away (Strongholds playtest started in June and the Module got released in August).

We were able to pull some leaked information out of the web and in a special issue of ‘you heard it here first’ we can confirm three major additions in the upcoming expansion:

  1. Castle Never has been reworked and will be brought back.
  2. The queue system was updated and now allows queueing for larger group content.
  3. As expected a new Mount system (‘stable’) is being introduced.

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*** UPDATE *** Video gone due to Cryptic claiming rights, but some more pics got upped by our friends from neverwinterindex. Enjoy.

M9 Playtest Match Request UI
M9 Playtest Match Request UI

The video shows showed the part of Castle Never that apparently was available during the first playtest. Like other reworks for Elemental Evil the dungeon has been streamlined and redesigned to feature more HE-like trash mobs in between bosses. Please note that the shown difficulty probably isn’t likely to match the final version of the dungeon.

Right at the start of the video you are also witnessing the queue (‘match’) system. Its UI pictured on the left allows to invite more than five players and queue for larger group content, which enables full premades for PVE fights like Tiamat and Demogorgon as well as the PVP maps Strongholds and Gauntlgrym.

If you had any doubts that j0Shi is one of the bigger minds this game has, then you might want to revisit his post from seven months ago. He did not exactly envision all details from the new mount stable that is coming with Neverwinter Module 9, but “companion-like system”, “update (legendary powers) to all existing mounts” and “mount inventory” are big parts of what player are about to experience.

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It looks like the mount system will be completely customizable so you can apply any power to any skin. This would fill a huge request by the players which felt forced to discard specific looks because other mounts are superior. Like companions, mounts will also be enhanced with three slots that can hold additional powers or buffs.

That information sure has to sink in for a while, but after that we’d love to hear your opinion about the changes. Leave a comment below or post to our message board!


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    Video Excluded becouse of cryptic contacting youtube for rights.. sry guys.

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